Saturday, November 5, 2011

Someplace To Hide

Oklahoma City's Someplace To Hide was a heavy-yet-melodic blast of hardcore/screamo joy!  Think in the vein of Joshua Fit For Battle, maybe, but heavier with more breakdowns and thunderous double-bass.  Passionate and angry with plenty of blood curdling screams and tasty spastic grooves galore.  I believe the guitarist/background vocalist picked up vocal duties for Oklahoma's Destroyer Destroyer (notice the high-pitched raptor-like cries of madness)  The Band's first record was an LP titled Shouting, "Saintly, Not Ghostly!" which was released on Dead City Records in 2006.  Their following release in 2007 was a 3-Way Split CD with Damezumari & Steeples.  This was their final release.  A Two-year run for these skrammerz, but some pretty-damn good material left behind.  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Neil Perry, Trainwreck, Monarcs & Birthday Boyz

Someplace To Hide / Damezumari / Steeples 3-Way Split CD (2007)
(Someplace To Hide Tracks Only)

Shouting, "Saintly, Not Ghostly!" LP (2006)

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