Friday, January 13, 2012


Trap Them is my personal favorite Metal/Hardcore band to ever hit the scene.  They construct a flawless blend of extreme genre's including grindcore, death metal, hardcore and punk.  Since they recently picked up the old drummer of Coliseum, I really feel that they've tightened up and perfected their overall sound.  Everything about this band is simply amazing!  I know everyone should have this material already, but I'm mainly making this post for their early, hard-to-find track called "Cockrubbing With Cancer Sticks" that was featured on the People Don't Take Photographs Of Things They Want To Forget Comp. 7".  This track was recorded in the band's earlier days when they had a drum-machine and went by the name Trap Them And Kill Them.  The track sounds like an earlier worked version of the song "Collapse And Marathon" from their Sleepwell Deconstructor LP, and is equally kick-ass!  Snag everything from Trap Them below.... if you haven't been jammin' face to them already.  DIG!!!

(NOTE: The Seance Prime LP Includes The entire CDep & The Track From The Extreme Noise Terror Split 7")

-For Fans Of:  Baptists, Entombed, Cursed & Dismember

Darker Handcraft (2011)

Filth Rations 12" EP (2010)

Seizures In Barren Praise LP (2008)

Seance Prime : The Complete Recordings LP (2007-2008)

Sleepwell Deconstructor LP (2007)

Cunt Heir To The Throne 7" (2007)

People Don't Take Photographs Of Things They Want To Forget Comp. 7"  (2003)
(Trap Them Track Only)

HERE You Can Download The Entire People Shouldn't Take Photographs... Comp. 7"


  1. Thanks for the early tracks.
    Each new release seems more pissed.
    Gonna be hard to top Darker Handcraft.

  2. Hooooly shit, man. This is Great!

    Grabbed all of them plus one from Backstabbers Inc.

  3. Great collection. Now add Blissfucker please!