Monday, January 9, 2012

The Living City

In September, 2011 something happened. The Living City, came out of nowhere and dropped a three-song demo that's impossible to hate. Born and bred in Mass, The Living City's first effort sounds like they've been together for years. Their song's are fairly long for the indie twinkle vibe they give out, but they keep it fresh by adding fun build ups along with some catchy guitar riffs. Vocals are soothing as a kind whisper to your ears that eventually ease into belting bliss. This guy has the range to give anyone goosebumps. If you're in the new england area, peep one of their shows to experience all the indie goodness. Their demo is below for download.

-Members are/were in:  VaccineRelicsL'antietam, Bad Vibes, Time Fence & Dust Witch