Saturday, August 10, 2013


Relics was a technically brutal hardcore band from Western Mass.  Ridiculous time signatures and heavy-as-hell riffs make this band one of a kind.  Meghan of Ampere Fame was originally on vocals but departed from the band after the release of their Split 7" with Furnace.  The three remaining members shared vocal duties for their debut LP entitled "We Owe Ourselves This" and the single track  "...It Hangs" for the Wild Wild West Compilation Cassette.  This is their entire discography.  Download it, this shit's mean-as-hell!

We Owe Ourselves This LP (2009)

Live On WUML 6.1.09 (2009)

Wild Wild West Comp. Cassette (2009)

Relics / Furnace Split 7" (2008)

You Mean The World To Me Comp. CD-R (2007)
(Relics Track Only)

Demo 7" (2006)

Relics Live in 2006

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