Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sobriety High

Photo by Shawn Kornhauser    Sobriety High
Sobriety High is a heavy duty hardcore band out of Western Mass.  Rough and tough and drawing major influence from old school chug filled mosh and thrash greats.  This shit's angry, ripping, thumping and badass!  Filled with classic breakdowns, group chants, clever transitions and sick crusty parts for any hxc fan.  I Don't know much about these guys other than the fact they recorded with Will Dandy at Dead Air Studios, all of their material was released by Galambis Records outta WMASS and Mike, the vocalist, was the drummer of the behemoth known as Relics.  These dudes are toast now, but snag their jams below and spin-kick someone in the face.  Dig

This War Isn't Over Yet EP (2011)

Deal With This Cassette [Demo] (2010)

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