Saturday, June 9, 2012

Violent Bullshit

NY's Violent Bullshit consists of Jayson Green (Orchid, Panthers & Ritual Mess) on vocals along with some other rad dudes who've spent time in Black Army Jacket, Fiery Furnaces & Les Savy Fav.  These O.G.'s crank out some great early 80's hardcore punk that is down your throat with snarling and raspy vox, fuzzy bass, groovy thrash punk riffs and drums parts that have no plan of stopping.  These guys are mean, nasty, fast, catchy and fun as hell.  They just dropped an LP this year that's sooo good.  Snag that along with a live radio set below.  DIG!

Adult Problems LP (2012)

Live on BreakThrough Radio cover art
Live On BreakThrough Radio (2012)


  1. Thanks for posting our record for free!

    1. The LP rips so hard! If you have an issue with me posting it, by all means let me know. I just had to spread the joy! I can't get enough! Thanks Jayson! U Da Man!

  2. Folks who still like vinyl can get it here:

    Violent Bullshit