Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flat Out

FlatOut(7 Soon 625/UnholyThrash/GivePraise)
Flat Out was a short-lived fastcore behemoth from California that was formed and sadly vaporized from 2009-2010.  These madmen played at ridiculous speeds and sound highly influenced by great spazzed-out japcore.  This is some of the best powerviolence/fastcore I never heard!  Thrashy, ripping, non-stop and filled with rage.  Snag their discography below and prepare for your face to melt from your fucking skull.  DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Ordstro & DosxAmigos

Westbay Fastercore 7" (2010)

FlatOut(7 Soon 625/UnholyThrash/GivePraise)
Demo (2009)

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