Saturday, June 23, 2012

Monster X

Monster X was a grindcore infused straight-edge hardcore band from Albany, NY.  These guys destroyed the 90's with their harsh and destructive blend of blasting hardcore that's filled with philosophical and political messages within their thoughtful lyrics.  These guys were brutal and classic with endless amounts of fierce guitar riffs, muddy bass, super-fast drums and growls straight from the gut.  Download their discography below and dig these greats.  DIG!

-Members Also Played In:  Das Oath, Deathsquad, Dropdead, Limp Wrist & Devoid Of Faith

Indoctrination : Complete Discography (1993-2000)


  1. I found this band on a compilation callled: XXX Some Ideas Are Poisonous... and loved it...

    thanks for sharing...