Tuesday, March 13, 2012




After much hunting, ordering, and vinyl ripping, it's here. The Deathsquad discography. Not much is known about these guys besides that the 1939 7" was recorded by Will Killingsworth, and their final effort, Deathsquad 7" was an early Youth Attack release. That information is all you'll need to click the download link, but I'll go a little further and tell you that Deathsquad is beefy punk with a touch of crust, repetitive creepy riffs, annoying guitar squeals to sound cool, and stupid string-picking breakdowns. But it's a rare find, so just listen and talk shit.

For fans of: Taylor BowComplaints, & Cult Ritual  

Members were/are in: The Oath, Limp Wrist, Monster X & Hail Mary

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