Sunday, March 4, 2012


Power-violence with a twist of thrash punk, COERCED are dirty, disgusting, and fast. I heard about these guys a few years ago, and totally forgot about them until now. I think they're done, but there's practically nothing on the internet about them so I'm not sure. They might be on hiatus since members are more focused on Sneeze and The Clippers currently. Cyclical Consumption has six tracks titled, 1-6, and II has tracks titled, 12-17. I assume tracks 7-11 were supposed to be on the split with Veloz that never happened. Hopefully we'll get to hear those jamz someday, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Below is everything I could find. I think it's all their shit, but I'm not 100%. Download and feel the anger. 

Members are also in: SneezeThe Clippers, & L'antietam

For fans of:  HYAAAerosols, & Cult Ritual

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