Saturday, March 3, 2012


Picture of Disrupt

Formed in the late 80's, Lynn, MA's Disrupt mastered an unholy blend of crust punk and grindcore.  Deep, grimey and howling growls conduct through a dirty mixture of low, fuzzy bass lines, thrashy, crunchy guitar shredding & non-stop blasting drums that never stop.  These guys are an incredible example of grinding punk that's nuthing short of genius.  They've released Only one full length along with a shit-ton of 7" EP's, Split EP's and Compilation tracks.  Below is what I could gather from these greats.  Snag it all and Dig!  Dig Hard, Dig Deep.  Just plain DIG!

     *(The Self-Titled LP was released in 2007 and contains unreleased tracks from the Sauna & Warcollapse Split sessions)
     *(The Split 7" w/ Straight Edge Kegger was also released in 2007 and contains 4 exclusive live tracks)
     *(I posted the Smash Divisions 7" mainly for their cover of Siege's "Cold War" which was strangely left out of their    Discography CD)

-For Fans Of:  Drop Dead, Nausea, Phobia & Doom

Self-Titled LP (2007)

Straight Edge Kegger Split 7" (2007)
(Disrupt Tracks Only)

Unrest LP (1994)

Smash Divisions 7" (1991)

Discography CD (1989-1993)

Demo Cassette (1988)

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  1. thankyou sooo much!!! was looking for this! this band is amazing !