Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Quebec City's Dahmer constructed blistering grindcore mayhem from 1995-2000.  These Canadian maniacs played insanely fast and performed menacingly brutal sets of some of the craziest and most destructive grind I've heard.  Thick distorted riffs, super-low bass, non-stop drum killing, sketchy growls, gurgles and shrieks all delivered at the fastest pace possible.  Dahmer is simply classic for any fan of good ole' grindcore.  Below, I posted The Studio Sessions Discography CD because It's unrelenting and timeless and also because I can't find their "Our Worst Recordings CD-R"  which would complete their discography.  Enjoy these jams to the fullest.  Dig!

The Studio Sessions : Discography CD (2003)


  1. thanks i love this album

  2. any chance of posting the releases that aren't included on this CD?