Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hoax is a bunch of degenerate dudes playing degenerate punk. Made up of ex members of Aerosols and SQRM, they play a noisy form of garage punk. Excellent riffage and pounding drum and bass mixed with lyrics about self hatred and suicide! Everything you want in a grimy punk band. Below is their  discography-to-date. Get all this shit nooow! Dig!

Hoax LP (2013)

Caged / Sick Punk 7" (2013)

3rd 7" (2012)

Hoax / Sewn Leather Split Flexi 7" (2012)

2nd 7" (2011)

1st 7" (2011)

Demo (2010)


  1. thanksssssss bunches for the flexi-rip. they were sold out when i went to see them.

  2. Looking for an email address to submit some Australian Hardcore.

  3. Thanks just saw them the other night in Austin with Impalers. Rad!!!!