Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Clippers

Ah, yes The Clippers. A fresh blend of catchy surf-pop with just the right amount of punk to make it a tad edgy. When I saw these guys a few summers ago, it was a sing-a-long mad house in the basement they played and I'll never forget it. Unfortunately they've been done for a year, but as a tribute to the Clippers, I rounded up some unreleased material. All of it is live, but who cares. It's the fucking Clippers. Grab some champagne and enjoy.

* Live At Democracy Center has two unreleased songs on it, and the electric version of Can't Help Myself from the Nervous Energies Session. Unreleased 3 is taken from another live set.

- Members were also in:  Cough CoughCoercedMidnight Bruisers

- For fans of:  Weezer, Teenage Cool Kids, & RVIVR 

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