Saturday, August 31, 2013

Helen Of Troy

Picture of Helen of Troy
From the early-mid 2000's, NY's Helen Of Troy orchestrated a powerful brand of screamo mixed with experimentation and progression.  This band still seems to be overlooked or completely forgotten, which blows my mind considering members later formed the immensely epic GOSPEL.  Helen Of Troy's sound isn't nearly as masterful as their following project, however, it's nice to see where these genius musicians started from.  The biggest plus for me would be listening to their drummer, who absolutely kills it in Gospel's discography.  His style is a little more laid back on these recordings but still delivers some noticeably killer skills that should slap a few smiles on faces.  Snag everything I could hunt down below and dig.

The Desperation CDep (2006)

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships CDep (2005)

Fork And Knife Split 7" (2003)
(Helen Of Troy Track Only)