Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Larry Bird

Larry Bird was one of the first bands to inspire New Hampshire's indie scene, and were a magical twinkling dreamboat among their peers. Ask anyone who went to a Larry Bird show in the early 00's, and they will strongly agree. Soothing vocals, pretty guitars, precise drumming, and a good dose of heavier buildups make Larry Bird a fun listen. Below is their discography. Special thanks goes out to Steve from Larry Bird for hooking me up with the tracks. Peep the links for Call Her Alaska and The Big Sky for more of his phenomenal drum work.      

For Fans Of: The Appleseed Cast, American Football, & Explosions In The Sky


  1. lost these CDs five years ago, thanks so much for making them available

  2. hey that pic of me is in my basement. who are you. I love this blog - derek

    1. We are a couple of dudes from NH missing the old times when punk was once present in this state. Thanks for the love man, spread the word and keep creating awesome jams! Diggin' Sneeze hard bro!!!