Friday, January 13, 2012


Torrington was a hardcore super-group consisting of Will Killingsworth and Meghan of Ampere and the vocalist, bassist and drummer of The Cancer Kids.  These masters of punk create some sick ragers that will surely beat the shit out of you.  Fierce dual male/female vocals are belted out over crusty hardcore punk that is plain devastating.  Fast, maniacal and fucking awesome.  The No Mercy For Bastards 7" is their one-and-only release that will definitely slap a nice ole' grin on your face.  Snag this now! You will not be disappointed!  DIG!!

-For Fans Of:  Bucket Full Of Teeth, Nomos & Aerosols

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  1. Don't know when I downloaded this but just listened to it now... wtf did I wait so long? Awesome and amazing. Definitely hear the Cancer Kids influence in the tunes. Thanks.