Friday, January 13, 2012

Mehkago N.T.

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Mehkago N.T. is a nasty hardcore band from the Miami area that existed from 2006-2011.  These MoFo's play an extreme mix of heavy-duty hardcore, d-beat, grindcore and even some elements of death metal.  They are fucking PULVERIZING!  Dark, fast, sludgy and especially brutal.  Hands down, probably one of the most punishing hardcore acts... period!  The band released a long-awaited LP this year right before their demise.  Bummer they're all done, but they sure did leave some gold behind.  Snag their entire discography below.  DIG THIS SHIT DEEP!!  DIG!!!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Shitstorm & Torche

-For Fans Of:  Hatred Surge, Repulsion, Worlds & His Hero Is Gone

Massive Fucking Headwounds LP (2011)

Mehkago N.T. / Religious As Fuck Split 7" (2008)

Self Titled CDep (2007)

Human Extinction 7" (2007)


  1. Been looking for the Human Extinction 7" for a long time... guess i was looking in all the wrong places. Anyhoo hi from Sydney Australia. Really great blog you got here with lots of stuff I'm excited to listen to. Been enjoying some of the Oiltanker stuff I hadn't heard before. Thanks.

  2. Thanks man! I also got sick 'n' tired of hunting human extinction down. That 7" was a long-awaited pleasure to personally rip. I'm still waiting for a better quality rip...