Sunday, February 5, 2012

Call Her Alaska

These guys were nothing close to your everyday run of the mill indie band. Their songs have Catchy and pretty parts with soft mesmerizing vocals throughout, but Call Her Alaska throw in edgier hooks along with some harsher singing. It's a little bit of everything for anyone who takes the time to listen, and they're just as tight live. When you were at a CHA show, you needed to do two things: grab a friend and sing-along. The first 7 tracks is their self-titled EP, and the last two are vocal demos. CHA has a couple of acoustic versions of the EP songs floating around, but I'm pretty sure this is every song they wrote. Huge thanks goes out to Cam from Old Gray for hooking me up with these tracks.

*First vocal demo track is "Windows Down" and "Ala Away" combined, and it's just a little rougher than the final version. The last track is "36 Hours", a song CHA never re-recorded afterward, which is also a little rougher than the EP songs. 

Members are/were in:  The Big Sky6:37 & Larry Bird 


  1. any way you can reupload this? this album is the only blogspot upload that matters in this world to me and i'm so bummed to not be able to download it.

  2. I was also hoping to get these.