Saturday, February 11, 2012


Listener is a spoken-word or talk music band from Arkansas. Dan Smith speaks in passionate blurts, plays trumpet, bass, and additional instruments while Christin Nelson serenade's us with guitar and multiple instruments (one being a washer that he beats with a baseball bat). If you download some of their stuff, go into it with an open mind. The music has an indie western feel, but Smith's spoken-word is rough around the edges. His words are beautiful, poetic, and full of subtext. Take the time to let it grow on you because you won't be disappointed.  

Releases missing:
Listener And Dust- Just In Time For Christmas
Talk Music

For fans of: Modest Mouse, & Bob Dylan

Ozark Empire

Here's a video of Listener. If you can get into this, you'll probably dig the rest of their stuff.

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  1. If you are interested I could give you a few of the missing listener albums that you dont have plus his new one. check out my blog...