Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vile Nation

Vile Nation is a grimey thrash punk band from Memphis, Tennessee.  Snotty, angry, dirty and especially fast hardcore punk complete with harsh snarling vocals, super-fast drums and fierce bass and guitar that blasts through riffs with a distinct twangy and thrashy sound.  Everything this band does works out brilliantly.  It's definitely some of the better degenerate/obnoxious lo-fi punk I've heard in recent years.  So far the band has three releases under their belt that I posted below.  We can only hope for more...SOOON!  Dig.

Tight Leash 7" (2010)

No Exit 7" (2008)

Self Titled 7" (2007)

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  1. There is unreleased material, never before heard tracks unless you saw us live. All great stuff. Including a balls out most blow your fucking head away track that was always my personal favorite.