Sunday, April 15, 2012


Picture of 50/50
50/50 is described as skate-gore-grind-core.  From 2005-2008 these Texans played an earth shattering blend of gore-grind that's loaded with elements of skate-core and some powerviolence.  Girthy growls are belted over heavy thrash riffs, fuzzed-out bass and pummeling drums.  This shit' super-mean and beefed up as much as possible. Intense and awesome as hell!  The members are no strangers to playing insanely aggressive jamz as they've spent time in Knuckle Scraper, Machine Gun Romantics & Orca.  Everything the band has released is posted below.  Snag, Sk8 & Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Shitstorm, In Disgust & Hatred Surge

Endless Demise Split 7" (2008)
(50/50 Tracks Only)

VA - In Grind We Crust (diy noize) cover art
In Grind We Crust (DIY Noize) Comp. (2007)
(50/50 Tracks Only)

Self Titled [SGGC] 7" (2007)


  1. Would you mind reposting your 50/50 7"? I'd be very thankful. Great blog by the way.