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oakland. end is gnar winter tour 07    ANS
A.N.S. is a kick-ass skate-punk band from Denton, Texas.  These dudes play thrash drenched punk that straight-up rips to the ultimate max.  Aggressive vocals orchestrate a fury of thrashy and driving riffs with tasty, twanging solo's and energetic bass and drums that are fast-as-hell and unstoppable.  These guys have been playing together since the early 2000's under the name Defaced, and eventually changed it to A.N.S.  They're seriously rad and always damn refreshing to hear.  Old-school skatecore is alive and well in the hands of A.N.S. and hopefully won't change with their future releases.  Snag these rippers below, it's everything I could gather.  Dig!

(NOTE: The Success At Last CD contains the re-recorded Defaced Discography and new material from A.N.S.)

A.N.S. / Ramming Speed Split LP (2011)
(A.N.S. Tracks Only)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed Split 5" (2010)
(A.N.S. Tracks Only)

Pressure Cracks LP (2009)

Seasick Split 7" (2008)
(A.N.S. Tracks Only)

Reproach Split 7" (2008)
(A.N.S. Tracks Only)

Let Them Eat Wood! : Discography CD (2005-2007)

The Pool LP (2006)

Success At Last CD (2003)

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