Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boogie Nazis

Boogie Nazis! So good! These dudes hail from Tucson, AZ and play straight up instrumental surf rock at it's finest. You can't not vibe out to these jams! It's impossible. Even if you aren't into the surf scene or the culture these songs are the epitome of good summer fun. This is all I could find from these guys. I know they have a full length LP out now called "No Coast" but I can't find a download. Below is a 7" that was never released as a 7", a tape called, "Pearl Harbor Sessions", and a giant collection of songs called, "Four Years and Still Swimming", that I'm guessing is a discog type collection. Who cares just get this stuff, cook up some burgs, or so tofu-erky, or whatever you chow on and get on this -ish, now! Dig it!

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