Sunday, April 15, 2012


Picture of Barn Burner

Montreal, Canada's Barn Burner is an explosion of hard rockin', beer-fueled, heavy metal lovin' stoner-rock bliss.  Get ready to rock your goddamn face off!  They are a driving mix of thrash metal, classic rock, hardcore and stoner jamz.  These bastards will most definitely get you off your ass and start punch-dancing, beer-chuggin' and dope smokin' all at the same time.  Seriously some of the tastiest riffs I've had the privilege of hearing.  They shred like crazy and never let up while constant drums and bass keep everything moving right along for an amazing headbangin' experience in brain-damage.  Snag their two LP's below and get your brain turned into a good way.  DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) in:  Black Ships & Thunder Bay

-For Fans Of:  Saviours, Iron Age, Doomriders & High On Fire

Bangers II : Scum Of The Earth LP (2011)

Bangers LP (2009)

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