Monday, April 23, 2012

Evolved To Obliteration

Evolved To Obliteration was a blistering hardcore/powerviolence outfit from Palo Alto, California.  I don't know too much about these guys other than the fact that E.T.O. featured a member of Spazz, Plutocracy & What Happens Next? and the band has dropped some rowdy releases from 1994-1997.  This shit is mean as hell and full of rapid blasts of chaotic punk and crunchy breaks of sludgy powerviolence.  Pissed off to the max and instantly classic.  Everything this band has dropped surely owns!  Everything I could find is posted below.  Snag & Dig...DIG!!!

Reality Part #2 Comp. LP (1997)
(E.T.O. Track Only)

Taste Of Fear Split 7" (1996)
(E.T.O. Tracks Only)

Self Titled 7" (1995)

No Less Split 7" (1994)
(E.T.O. Tracks Only)

El Guapo Comp. LP (1994)
(E.T.O. Tracks Only)

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