Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black Ships

I saw these guys back in 2007 in a basement in Manchester, NH and they were fucking LOUD. Black Ships are from Montreal, Canada and play crusty, heavy, slightly black-metal influenced punk. Think Furnace, Coliseum, and The Holy Mountain with a dash of Deafheaven all rolled into one. I was so stoked after these guys played, I just had to buy their 6-song demo which I'm glad I snagged because I can't find it anywhere. They broke up in 2009 after their first LP, Omens was released. Below is what I believe to be their entire discography.

Members are currently in:  Barn Burner and Thunder Bay

For fans of:  Furnace, Coliseum, and Hierophant     

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  1. Thanks For The Black Ships Complete recordings...Very COOL! I'll transfer to CD & BLOW my SPEAKERS in the morn. Cheers!,HenryPonds