Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Lazardos

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The Lazardos were a pop punk band from Manchester, NH.  With a crazy fan following, these guys owned the local punk scene, playing with the likes of of 5 Bucks!, Kicked In The Head and The Stompin' Charlies to name a few.  "Explosive lead lines, the most brutal of all breakdowns, vocal harmonies with usually funny, but mostly heartfelt lyrics about girls make the Lazardos are the future of pop-punk. Combining elements of hardcore and metal, The Lazardos are a pop punk band like no other and all that have witnessed are sure to agree."  The band sadly broke up after their drummer was diagnosed with cancer, which was a heartbreaking end to an unforgettable run from these local punkers.  This CDep below is their only release.  Download it.  Dig.

Make Out City CDep (2000)

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