Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hatred Surge

RE-POST!  Hatred Surge is a heavy and pulverizing powerviolence/grind band from Austin, Texas.  They formed back in '04 as a 5-piece powerhouse with dual male/female vocals.  Fucking Brutal!  Fast and beefy to slow and sludgy.  If you haven't heard this band yet, prepare for some apocalyptic hardcore that will melt your brain.  They recently spit out a long-awaited, death/sludge-drenched riff-monster of an LP called Human Overdose that will leave you beaten-to-shit and begging for more.  Snag their discography below and Dig!

(NOTE: The Collection 2005-2007 contains material from the band's Demo, Self-Titled EP, Split LP w/ The Endless Blockade, Split 7" w/ Insect Warfare & a few comp. tracks)

Human Overdose LP (2013)

Purgatory 7" (2012)

Brutal Supremacy Comp. 2x7" (2011)
(Hatred Surge Tracks Only)

Mammoth Grinder Split LP (2011)
(Hatred Surge Tracks Only)

Isolated Human 7" (2009)

Deconstruct LP (2009)

Servant / Bestial 7" (2008)

Hatred Surge / Iron Lung - Broken: A Collaboration 7" (2008)

Collection CD (2005-2007)


  1. thank you, thank you. internet is full of dead links

  2. This is great. Loving all the grind and powerviolence posts on here.
    Not sure how to contact you to request but I was looking for a Noisear and/or Kill The Client discography post. Any help?

  3. They didnt start off as a 5-piece. Alex from MGR, Knuckle Scraper, Iron Age, xPowerbuttx started Hatred Surge as his grindcore side project, the demo is just Alex playing everything. Later incarnations had the Mammoth Grinder dudes and Faiza from Mindless didnt join til a few years ago

    1. Hey can you reupload the iron lung split? Thanks.