Sunday, May 19, 2013


Repost! 1994! is a fucking flawless indie/punk Band from Pennsylvania.  These two dudes make spectacular math-rock/screamo infused jams that are magic to your ears.  The guitar has an astonishingly thick and reverb-y sound that fills the air with some tasty twangy/noodly licks that dance across the frets and awesomely full chords filled with melody, emotion and progression.  The drummer is a mad-man that cranks out some technical-yet-groovy beats and switches to utter jazz-infused hardcore insanity with amazing timing and highly creative transitions.  The vocals sound intense too and almost reminiscent to those of Gospel.  These dudes make so much noise it flabbergasting.  Driving, Intricate and Classic.  It's hard to pin-point what 1994! sound like exactly, all I have to say is "It's Mindblowing!"  Snag all of their shit below if you don't have these gems yet.  DIG FACE!  DIG.

-For Fans Of:  Off Minor, Tiny Hawks, Don Caballero, Snowing & Choke Up
Fuck It (2013)

1994! / Snowing / Boys And Sex / Algernon Cadwallader : Summer Singles (2011)
(1994! Track Only)

Most Deaf 7" (2011)

Fckyrhed LP (2010)

Thank You Arms And Fingers LP (2009)

Spires Split LP (2009)
(1994! Tracks Only)