Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dead Peasants

First off, I wanna throw a huge shout-out to Robert who runs Chug Life for putting me onto these guys.  THANK YOU MAN!!  Dead Peasants is a fairly new project outta Maryland that plays an unholy blend of raw, ear-shredding black metal that equally adds elements of noisy punk and grind.  These guys are intense to say the least.  They create walls of blaring riffs that tear into your skull while the drummer blasts his fuckin' balls off.  Super loud, heavy and ripping black metal at it's finest.  Some of the best shit I've heard in too long, no bullshit.  snag their two releases below and hope for more soon.  Real soon!  Dig.

Ecco / Dead Peasants Split: Whimper cover art 
Ecco Split EP (2013)
(Dead Peasants Tracks Only)

I cover art
Demo I (2013)

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  1. Great great filthy shit, thank you for this and a lot of other stuff found on your blog ! Good taste !