Saturday, October 27, 2018


Melbourne, Australia's Geld create a noisy and psyched out brand of d-beat that's as blazing as it is experimental.  This outfit lays it on thick with walls of noise-drenched riffs, pummeling drums and ferocious vocal howls.  Get on this killer material now!  Dig.

Soft Power EP (2018)

Perfect Texture LP (2018)

Demo Cassette (2016)


Wiccans is an awesome hardcore band out of Denton, TX.  These dudes play a unique style of hardcore that's catchy while still being a bad-ass force of power! Killer dual guitars and vocals that stand out among most.  Do not pass on these jams! Snag everything below because it all absolutely blows shit away! Dig!

Sailing A Crazy Ship LP (2017)

Field II LP (2012)

Skullduggery LP (2011)

Teenage Cults 7" (2010)

Demo Cassette (2009)


Chicago's Chew is an urgent and ripping hardcore punk band that's on point!  This band delivers snotty thrash-infused jams at break-neck speeds that had me hooked immediately.  Walls of fuzzed-out guitar shredding blends with spastic bass structures, machine-gun drum insanity and utterly pissed off vocals making this band an absolute standout.  Their new full length is a beast and demands your attention.  Snag below and dig.

Feeding Frenzy LP (2018)

Rash / C.H.E.W. Split 7" (2017)

C.H.E.W. / Penetrode Split Cassette

Self Titled 7" (2016)

Sunday, October 21, 2018


XFilesX was a straight-edge fastcore outfit from New Bedford, Massachusetts.  These veterans of the scene delivered some fierce hardcore punk delivered at break-neck speeds that will surely get you thrashing and stomping around.  Classic jams that still stand strong as fuck.  Get this.  Dig.

Excruciation CD (2004)

Live On WRIU (2004)

XFilesX / Self Defense Split 7" (2002)

Beaten Straight 7" (2002)

NBC Mayhem 7" (2002)

Live In Connecticut (2002)

Demo CD-R (2001)

Demo I Cassette (1999)


Tarantüla is a gruff and catchy punk outfit that fuses power-pop, rock'n'roll and hardcore punk sensibilities to create a refreshing and addictive sound all their own.  These infectious tunes are tightly performed with endless energy and an overall sense of fun vibes.  Easily some of the best punk out there currently.  Snag everything below and DIG!

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Cülo, Gas Rag, Birth DeformitiesRat Patrol

The Very Best Of Sex And Violence 7" (2018)

Weird Tales Of Radiation And Hate 7" (2017)

Self Titled 7" (2017)

I Got High With Bela Lugosi Cassette (2016)

Demo Cassette (2016)


Nasti hails from Olympia/Seattle, Washington and plays some awesomely fucked up punk that even adds elements of noise rock to their menacing sound.  These guys dropped a killer full length on Iron Lung Records that's filled with dirty riffs, feedback, odd guitar leads, weird effects, stomping drums and ugly vocal grunts.  Snag everything now!  Dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Vacant Life, Cop Rot & White Wards 

Live Nasti Cassette (2018)

Big Achievements LP (2017)

The Tour Tape (2016)

Ex Static Cassette (2015)


Friendship hails from the Chiba Prefecture, Japan and delivers some absolutely punishing powerviolence/crust/grind/sludge mayhem that blew me away right off the bat.  This raw and noisy material is unrelentingly fast and heavy with crushing riffs, blasting percussion and fierce vocals.  Get on this now.  Dig!

Hatred LP (2017)

I & II LP (2017)

Concubine [Converge Cover] (2016)

Saturday, October 6, 2018


SFN was a pummeling powerviolence band from Wisconsin.  These dudes were known for playing insanely fast, diggin' on sweet stinky weed and partying like barbarians.  This band was ruthless and thrashed it up like pros.  Snag everything below and Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Extortion, Human Junk, Flat Out & Detroit

SFN / Abrade Split 10" (2017)

SFN / In Disgust Split 7" (2014)

Itching 7" (2010)

Live On WSUM CD-R (2009)

Self Titled 7" (2008)

First Demo (2007)


Acrylics hails from Santa Rosa, California and delivers a thrashing and inventive brand of hardcore punk.  Angular guitar work mends with primitive drums and unhinged vocals to create an original sound of endless energetic hardcore.  Can't wait for their full length!  Get on this now!  DIG!!!!!!

Structure 7" (2017)

Despair 7" (2017)

Self Titled 12" EP (2016)

Fuck Freek! Cassette (2014)

Mother Was A Baby Demo Cassette (2014)


Tomb Mold

Toronto, Canada's Tomb Mold plays a forceful and eerie brand of crushing death metal.  Their latest LP is an absolute beast of a release that never ceases to impress.  These guys create a punishing mixture of sounds consisting of massive riffs, thunderous percussion and guttural howls to impress even the most purist fan of the genre.  Snag these gargantuan tunes below and DIG!

Cerulean Salvation Cassette (2018)

Manor Of Infinite Forms LP (2018) 

Primordial Malignity LP (2017)

Cryptic Transmissions Cassette (2017)

The Moulting Cassette (2016)

The Bottomless Perdition Cassette (2016)