Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dweller On The Threshold

There's nothing I can really say to pinpoint the genius of Dweller On The Threshold so here's an excerpt from Enemies List Home Recordings, who released this amazing album... 

"The ever-shifting membership features ex-members of Death To Tyrants, Daniel Striped Tiger, and The Toll, recorded by Will Killingsworth (Ampere, Orchid, Bucketful Of Teeth, etc), all Western Massachusetts legends. Even the way the band is constructed – a rotating line-up of 8 friends scattered all over the East Coast – played it’s part, keeping the compositions varied, fresh, but unified throughout the whole of the album.   As for the music – it was brooding, but not overwhelming, gloomy but not depressing, lots of echoes and reverberations and a feeling of wide open spaces that reminded me more of the American midwest than any recent country or western music ever had. This is music for the Great Plains, or maybe Space, like the nebula featured on the album’s cover. Even the interplay of the instruments, loosely draped over one another, leisurely taking their time as they progress from minimalist and wistful to crushing, soaring, triumphant, contributes to that feeling of everything spreading out in front of you, a whole vista of emptiness opening up."

There you have it!  There is no excuse not to love this record.  Snag it below and DIG!

Self-Titled LP (2012)

Burned Up Bled Dry

burned up bled dry
Formed in 1996, Arkansas' Burned Up Bled Dry blasted through tours and recorded like madmen until their hiatus in 1999.  After an insanely long break, the band decided to pick up where they left off in 2005.  Their sound was heavily influenced by 90's fastcore/powerviolence like Evolved To Obliteration & Hellnation but also leaned toward a darker, crustier metallic tone in vein of From Ashes Rise & Backstabbers Incorporated.  This stuff is awesome as shit!  Heavy, dirty and surely pissed enough for anyone who wants to rage it up!  Word has it, the band has been working on an LP since '08, but who knows if it'll ever see the light of day.  Snag their discography below and dig face... DIG!

Deadbird Split 7" (2005)
(B.U.B.D. Tracks Only)

Better Luck Next Time Comp. 7" (1999)
(B.U.B.D. Track Only)

Cloned Slaves... For Slaves... 7" (1998)

Kill The Body... Kill The Soul... 7" (1997)


Descriptions of Wasteland's sound is plastered all over the internet, describing them as D-beat influenced hardcore. That's pretty spot on, but I would go a little further and add elements of crust to the list. If you haven't heard these guys before, I recommend the Wasteland 7" EP. It's probably their most solid release. Four tracks with tasty riffs, muddy bass, yells, and D-beat crust. If you snagged their LP at the Ampere show, you have the remastered and remixed tracks of the LP, 7", and the Live At Dead Air 11". For those of you who don't, I changed the old links. Snag 'em!!!

- Members are/were in:  Mean Man's DreamCommonsSuburbaniteAerosols, & Relics

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boogie Nazis

Boogie Nazis! So good! These dudes hail from Tucson, AZ and play straight up instrumental surf rock at it's finest. You can't not vibe out to these jams! It's impossible. Even if you aren't into the surf scene or the culture these songs are the epitome of good summer fun. This is all I could find from these guys. I know they have a full length LP out now called "No Coast" but I can't find a download. Below is a 7" that was never released as a 7", a tape called, "Pearl Harbor Sessions", and a giant collection of songs called, "Four Years and Still Swimming", that I'm guessing is a discog type collection. Who cares just get this stuff, cook up some burgs, or so tofu-erky, or whatever you chow on and get on this -ish, now! Dig it!

Monday, April 23, 2012


No need for an introduction, Miami, Florida's doom-pop-stoner-metal giants Torche have been slaying the scene for years with their incredibly loud and shredding live sets and highly memorable and super-catchy tracks of destructive rock.  Mammoth stoner riffs are loaded with an extremely heavy sounding distortion and meld together with crazy-low tuned bass, thunderous drum skills and low-sung vocals filled with harmony and ambiance.  Snag all these EPIC JAMZ below and Dig your face off.  DIG!

Harmonicraft LP (2012)

Harmonslaught 7" (2012)

Pow Pow / 80's Prom 7" Flexi-disk (2012)

Part Chimp Split LP (2011)
(Torche Tracks Only)

Songs For Singles LP (2010)

Chapter Ahead Being Fake : Boris Split 10" (2009)
(Torche Track Only)

Healer / Across The Shields 12" EP (2009)

Meanderthal LP (2008)
Meanderthal Demos 10" (2008)

In Return 10" (2007)

Self Titled LP (2005)

Evolved To Obliteration

Evolved To Obliteration was a blistering hardcore/powerviolence outfit from Palo Alto, California.  I don't know too much about these guys other than the fact that E.T.O. featured a member of Spazz, Plutocracy & What Happens Next? and the band has dropped some rowdy releases from 1994-1997.  This shit is mean as hell and full of rapid blasts of chaotic punk and crunchy breaks of sludgy powerviolence.  Pissed off to the max and instantly classic.  Everything this band has dropped surely owns!  Everything I could find is posted below.  Snag & Dig...DIG!!!

Reality Part #2 Comp. LP (1997)
(E.T.O. Track Only)

Taste Of Fear Split 7" (1996)
(E.T.O. Tracks Only)

Self Titled 7" (1995)

No Less Split 7" (1994)
(E.T.O. Tracks Only)

El Guapo Comp. LP (1994)
(E.T.O. Tracks Only)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


oakland. end is gnar winter tour 07    ANS
A.N.S. is a kick-ass skate-punk band from Denton, Texas.  These dudes play thrash drenched punk that straight-up rips to the ultimate max.  Aggressive vocals orchestrate a fury of thrashy and driving riffs with tasty, twanging solo's and energetic bass and drums that are fast-as-hell and unstoppable.  These guys have been playing together since the early 2000's under the name Defaced, and eventually changed it to A.N.S.  They're seriously rad and always damn refreshing to hear.  Old-school skatecore is alive and well in the hands of A.N.S. and hopefully won't change with their future releases.  Snag these rippers below, it's everything I could gather.  Dig!

(NOTE: The Success At Last CD contains the re-recorded Defaced Discography and new material from A.N.S.)

A.N.S. / Ramming Speed Split LP (2011)
(A.N.S. Tracks Only)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed Split 5" (2010)
(A.N.S. Tracks Only)

Pressure Cracks LP (2009)

Seasick Split 7" (2008)
(A.N.S. Tracks Only)

Reproach Split 7" (2008)
(A.N.S. Tracks Only)

Let Them Eat Wood! : Discography CD (2005-2007)

The Pool LP (2006)

Success At Last CD (2003)

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Picture of Barn Burner

Montreal, Canada's Barn Burner is an explosion of hard rockin', beer-fueled, heavy metal lovin' stoner-rock bliss.  Get ready to rock your goddamn face off!  They are a driving mix of thrash metal, classic rock, hardcore and stoner jamz.  These bastards will most definitely get you off your ass and start punch-dancing, beer-chuggin' and dope smokin' all at the same time.  Seriously some of the tastiest riffs I've had the privilege of hearing.  They shred like crazy and never let up while constant drums and bass keep everything moving right along for an amazing headbangin' experience in brain-damage.  Snag their two LP's below and get your brain turned into a good way.  DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) in:  Black Ships & Thunder Bay

-For Fans Of:  Saviours, Iron Age, Doomriders & High On Fire

Bangers II : Scum Of The Earth LP (2011)

Bangers LP (2009)


Picture of 50/50
50/50 is described as skate-gore-grind-core.  From 2005-2008 these Texans played an earth shattering blend of gore-grind that's loaded with elements of skate-core and some powerviolence.  Girthy growls are belted over heavy thrash riffs, fuzzed-out bass and pummeling drums.  This shit' super-mean and beefed up as much as possible. Intense and awesome as hell!  The members are no strangers to playing insanely aggressive jamz as they've spent time in Knuckle Scraper, Machine Gun Romantics & Orca.  Everything the band has released is posted below.  Snag, Sk8 & Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Shitstorm, In Disgust & Hatred Surge

Endless Demise Split 7" (2008)
(50/50 Tracks Only)

VA - In Grind We Crust (diy noize) cover art
In Grind We Crust (DIY Noize) Comp. (2007)
(50/50 Tracks Only)

Self Titled [SGGC] 7" (2007)