Saturday, August 31, 2013


The Bay Area's Assumptions fucking blew me away at first listen.  This is some rapid-fire hardcore punk that's noisy and hard-hitting to the fullest.  These dudes play at blaring speeds for the most part but still find time to slow it down with some catchy breaks and chants.  This band doesn't let up in the slightest.  Buzzing riffs, dirty bass, non-stop drum chaos and fierce vocal howls are executed flawlessly.  Find out for yourself.  Snag and Dig!

 Wounds Cassette (2013)

New Demo cover art 
Demo II (2012)

Social Distress Demo Cassette (2012)


From 1993-2000 MK-Ultra existed as one of the most personal and meaningful thrash punk outfits gracing the hardcore punk community.  Outspoken and political on all levels, their tracks ripped into such social topics as capitalism and Christianity with raging ferocity.  This band was and still is one of the most punishing hardcore acts that have graced my eardrums.  They're fast and fierce with an amazingly talented line-up of members that have gone onto forming many other memorable bands.  Snag MK-Ultra's complete discography below and take a history lesson.  Dig 

Complete Discography

Helen Of Troy

Picture of Helen of Troy
From the early-mid 2000's, NY's Helen Of Troy orchestrated a powerful brand of screamo mixed with experimentation and progression.  This band still seems to be overlooked or completely forgotten, which blows my mind considering members later formed the immensely epic GOSPEL.  Helen Of Troy's sound isn't nearly as masterful as their following project, however, it's nice to see where these genius musicians started from.  The biggest plus for me would be listening to their drummer, who absolutely kills it in Gospel's discography.  His style is a little more laid back on these recordings but still delivers some noticeably killer skills that should slap a few smiles on faces.  Snag everything I could hunt down below and dig.

The Desperation CDep (2006)

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships CDep (2005)

Fork And Knife Split 7" (2003)
(Helen Of Troy Track Only)


Witch In Her Tomb

Raw, crusty, fuzz-drenched black metal from Chicago Illinois. This is Witch In Her Tomb's current discography, and holy hell are these tracks good. They're noisy-as-fuck, but clear enough to know what's going on.  Make sure to crank these releases loud! This shit owns!      

Negative Degree

Picture of Negative Degree
Denver, CO's Negative Degree rips through flawless, 80's inspired hardcore like none other.  Twangy, stripped-down punk riffs have never sounded so perfect.  This band is simple and straight ahead but so goddamn effective with an amazing overall sound that remains fresh during every listen.  I can't stop cranking their discography for the life of me and I'm far from mad at it.  Snag everything below and be amazed.  Hardcore punk gold at it's finest.  Dig!

Negative Degree cover art 
Self Titled 7" (2013)

 Welcome To 2013 Comp. LP

 Not Dead Yet Cassette (2012)

Demo 7" (2011)

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hoax is a bunch of degenerate dudes playing degenerate punk. Made up of ex members of Aerosols and SQRM, they play a noisy form of garage punk. Excellent riffage and pounding drum and bass mixed with lyrics about self hatred and suicide! Everything you want in a grimy punk band. Below is their  discography-to-date. Get all this shit nooow! Dig!

Hoax LP (2013)

Caged / Sick Punk 7" (2013)

3rd 7" (2012)

Hoax / Sewn Leather Split Flexi 7" (2012)

2nd 7" (2011)

1st 7" (2011)

Demo (2010)


Sometimes it's good to get pissed. And if you have a hard time getting there, throw on Impatience's demo CS. These Milwaukee gents are down right angry from start to finish on their debut. These tracks are fast, beefy, and full of mean break downs. It's all around hateful. The way hardcore should be.       

Members are/were in: ProtestantEnablerHalf Gorilla, & FocusedxMinds

For fans of: Blank StareTRAP THEM, & Shitstorm

The Clippers

Ah, yes The Clippers. A fresh blend of catchy surf-pop with just the right amount of punk to make it a tad edgy. When I saw these guys a few summers ago, it was a sing-a-long mad house in the basement they played and I'll never forget it. Unfortunately they've been done for a year, but as a tribute to the Clippers, I rounded up some unreleased material. All of it is live, but who cares. It's the fucking Clippers. Grab some champagne and enjoy.

* Live At Democracy Center has two unreleased songs on it, and the electric version of Can't Help Myself from the Nervous Energies Session. Unreleased 3 is taken from another live set.

- Members were also in:  Cough CoughCoercedMidnight Bruisers

- For fans of:  Weezer, Teenage Cool Kids, & RVIVR 

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Picture of Stripmines — live @ gss2 house - photo cred: fastcore photos
Stripmines hailed from Raleigh, NC and played a tough-as-shit brand of American hardcore that hits extremely hard.  They have crazy energy and their sound is full of thick riffs, constant drum abuse, muddled bass and throaty, pissed off vocals.  They even to include elements of Japanese and Swedish hardcore that beefs up their already kick-ass sound.  This stuff is fast-to-slow, heavy-hitting and won't let up.  Snag everything below and Dig!

Crimes of Dispassion cover art
Crimes Of Dispassion LP (2012)

Sympathy Rations cover art
Sympathy Rations 7" (2011)

Failsafe Demo Cassette (2010)

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Relics was a technically brutal hardcore band from Western Mass.  Ridiculous time signatures and heavy-as-hell riffs make this band one of a kind.  Meghan of Ampere Fame was originally on vocals but departed from the band after the release of their Split 7" with Furnace.  The three remaining members shared vocal duties for their debut LP entitled "We Owe Ourselves This" and the single track  "...It Hangs" for the Wild Wild West Compilation Cassette.  This is their entire discography.  Download it, this shit's mean-as-hell!

We Owe Ourselves This LP (2009)

Live On WUML 6.1.09 (2009)

Wild Wild West Comp. Cassette (2009)

Relics / Furnace Split 7" (2008)

You Mean The World To Me Comp. CD-R (2007)
(Relics Track Only)

Demo 7" (2006)

Relics Live in 2006

Me And Him Call It Us

Picture of Me and Him Call It Us
Atlanta, Ga's Me And Him Call It Us still have a place in my heart.  Their mathcore/screamo sound was loaded with endless originality with a immensely brutal outcome.  They even dabbled with interludes of gloomy, ambient moodiness that added a unique flavor to their experimental craftsmanship.  These guys have been inactive since 2007, but left behind a mathy, grind-fueled, raging discography that still stands strong as hell.  Snag everything below and dig.

The Blue Letter Split CDep/7" (2007)
(MAHCIU Tracks Only)

Loss CD (2006)

The (C:) Drive Of Love Stories CD-R (2004)

Demo's & More