Thursday, August 15, 2013


Picture of Stripmines — live @ gss2 house - photo cred: fastcore photos
Stripmines hailed from Raleigh, NC and played a tough-as-shit brand of American hardcore that hits extremely hard.  They have crazy energy and their sound is full of thick riffs, constant drum abuse, muddled bass and throaty, pissed off vocals.  They even to include elements of Japanese and Swedish hardcore that beefs up their already kick-ass sound.  This stuff is fast-to-slow, heavy-hitting and won't let up.  Snag everything below and Dig!

Crimes of Dispassion cover art
Crimes Of Dispassion LP (2012)

Sympathy Rations cover art
Sympathy Rations 7" (2011)

Failsafe Demo Cassette (2010)


  1. here's a link to the demo!