Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tunes For Bears To Dance To

Recent Tunes house show, 4/30/07 in My Photos by
Tunes For Bears To Dance To was a technically chaotic Post-Hardcore/Screamo band from Southern Florida.  Sadly the band only existed from 2002-2004, but the members didn't stop spitting out creative musical gold.  Members went on to play in such nasty bands as Capsule, Torche, Shitstorm, Mehkago N.T, Monarcs, Kylesa, Osceola, Tyranny Of Shaw, Rauh, Dead Lions & Black Jail.  Tunes For Bears... always stood out to me in such a congested genre.  The songs are so damn entertaining and original, it always seems as though I'm hearing them for the first time.  Good Shit Right Here!  Below I posted the band's Self Titled 7", Split 7" w/ Jesse Washington, Split 7" w/ El Minotaur, full-length titled "Asking In Askance" and some demo's.  Enjoy! Dig!

El Minotaur Split 7" (2004)
(Tunes For Bears... Tracks Only)

Self Titled 7" (2004)

Jesse Washington Split 7" (2004)
(Tunes For Bears... Tracks Only)

Asking In Askance LP (2003)

The Demos (2002-2003)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cowboys Are Indians

Tylers Last Show. Manchester, NH 8/20/07 photo Shannon    Cowboys Are Indians
We are three best friends from Hooksett, NH that formed this band back in 2006.  We've had many bumps in the road since the start.  Starting with the loss of a Brother.  Ryan Patrick Carlson played bass in this band in the very beginning.  The tragic loss of him was devastating, and hard to comprehend.  Ryan was a music lover to the absolute max!  You couldn't get him to shut the fuck up any-time of day about anything related to music.  We never even considered trying to replace his spot, and since then remained as two guitarists and a drummer. Cowboys Are Indians are a progressive screamo band for lack of a better term.  We never set out to play a certain type of music or anything, every song is more-or-less an emotion that was felt at the time.  Melodic to aggressive and heartfelt.  Snarling dual vocals sprinkled with chants.  Think a more pissed-off Sinaloa maybe, I dunno.  Below is our long-awaited LP called Constantly Fucked released on Bear Records out of Allston, MA.  After Blood, Sweat, Hiatus, Shit, Work & Kids, we pulled together what we think is an adequate portrait of what this band is and forever will be.  Also posted is our material from our split CDep with Cassettes On Fire, a Live Split Cassette with Giant Fucking Mirror & our first Self Titled CDep.  Everything we released, besides the live split tape, was recorded and mixed by the great Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA.  Every session was a complete joy.  Enjoy the music.  Dig. 

Purchase the LP HERE

Constantly Fucked LP (2011)

Cowboys Are Indians / Cassettes On Fire Split CDep (2008)

Giant Fucking Mirror Live Split Cassette (2008)
(CAI Tracks Only)

Self Titled CDep (2007)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

City Bones

City Bones is dirty noise rock/punk with a lot of black metal chord influence from the mastermind behind Euthanizer. This stuff is super primitive with muffled vocals set behind walls of noise. Minimal guitar and drumming, but overall very good for what it is.

Dead Close cs

Our Loss

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crippler Cross Face

Where Did We Put That Dead Horse We've Been Beating CDep

Crippler Cross Face is a cult favorite grind side-project made up of members from As The Sun Sets, Daughters & Bury Your Dead.  9 tracks of blistering grindcore played at powerviolence speeds with tasty breakdowns filling in all the gaps.  Very short lived, almost forgotten, but definitely well worth the snag.  Dig.

They And The Children

playing in Ohio 2007    They And The Children
They And The Children is an experimental hardcore group from Middletown, Connecticut.  Fast, heavy, driving and awesome.  The riffs are endless, the vocals are as harsh and angry, the bass keeps ya goin and the drummer plays with such control over the chaotic tunes.  TATC combines elements of droney-ambiance, d-beat & new-age screamo-core which all works out perfectly!  They sadly disbanded after their final LP called "Home."  Members got busy on a stoner-metal project called Sea Legs, which is just amazing, and are also currently playing in a crusty powerhouse called Iron Hand.  Below, I posted everything I could hunt down from these dudes.  The only release I couldn't find is a split 7" with Pennsylvania's Towers that was put out in '06.  Enjoy all of this.  DIG!

Home LP (2008)

Daniel Striped Tiger Split 7" (2006)
(TATC Track Only)

Thoughts On Becoming A Ghost LP (2005)

Self Titled 7" (2004)

Demo CD-R (2003)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Veins is insane straight up hardcore from New York with a lot of old school hardcore influence. This stuff is an automatic classic. Veins features Mark McCoy shreading it up on guitar and blistering vocals from Berdan of Drunkdriver. This tape will own your face! Below is their demo cs that was later released on 7". They are currently in the process of recording for an LP due out this winter. Dig!

Veins CS


Pukeoid. The name says it all. Here we have some angry ass dudes playing sloppy thrashy hardcore out of Indiana. Really awesome shit right here! Blistering drumming and awesome thrashing riffs are flooded all over the place, not to mention the vocals. Super rough and awfully depressing themes going on. This band was on my radar for awhile but just recently I fell in love with these two releases! Get on this! Dig!

Demo CS

Rabid EP

Sea Legs

The short-lived Sea Legs began in 07 and ended in 08 because their drummer moved to Florida. In the year they existed, they recorded a 5-song self-titled EP, and that's it to my knowledge. Sea Legs is what stoner-metal should sound like. Beefed up riffs, powerful drone interludes, and straight from the gut vocals. Download, bob your head, smoke some drugs, or do whatever you do when you listen to tasty jamz like this.   

Members are/were in:  They And The Children, & Iron Hand

For Fans Of:  Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, & Floor

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


DS-13 (Demon System 13) is a ridiculously fast and reckless thrashcore band from Sweden.  Since 1995 these Swede's have toured all through Europe, Japan and the US.  Conquering the planet with their chaotic blend of nasty, dirty, angry, blistering hardcore punk madness.  Sadly, they disbanded in 2002.  DS-13 stands with all the greats from the past to present.  Hands down some of the best shit I've heard come out of Europe.  Below is the band's discography...I think.  The No One Will Thank You When You're Dead CD is a collection of the band's first two 7" EP's, a one-sided EP, all Compilation tracks, unreleased material & a Live Set from 2001.  Also, aside from the newer tracks,  the band's final LP contains tracks from their Splits with Sic Transit Gloria Mundi & Blood Of Others.  Enjoy all of this.  It's incredible!  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  La Piovra, MK-Ultra & Complaints

Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget? LP (2002)

Killed By The Kids LP (2001)

Thrash And Burn 7" (2000)

Code 13 Split 7" (2000)
(DS-13 Tracks Only)

No One Will Thank You When You're Dead...
A Collection of Old, Rare, Unreleased & Live (1998-1999)


Here it is! This is what you've all been waiting for. Suburbanite, a pulverizing hardcore punk band from Brooklyn NY, made up of Chris from Aerosols, and Mark McCoy from... everything, along with some other heavy hitters. This debut 7" is too good! I'm going to go there and say thing is one of the best records of the year. Fast as fuck songs with double guitar thrashing and pummeling drums and vocals. This is perfect from top to bottom. I'm hoping this band plays a ton of shows and releases more material because I need more! Give thanks! Dig!!

Self Titled 7"

The Cancer Kids

The Cancer Kids. That's all you should need, but for those of you who are beyond lost here's a little something: The Cancer Kids were an amazing punk band from Western MA, playing at lightening speeds with thrash and 80's punk influence. They only played a handfull of shows before calling it quits. A few years back they got back together for two reunion shows. Clean Plate also released a super limited, one sided, one song 7" entitled "Boston Cream". Below is that 7", a split with Melee, and their amazing as fuck lp "The Possible Dream". This is one record everyone should own! It amazes me that I still find copies at the record store. This had a one time pressing of 700. If you don't have this there is something wrong with you. Dig the almighty Cancer Kids!

Split 7" with Melee

The Possible Dream LP

Boston Cream 7" +1

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Brooklyn's Nomos are a thrashy mess of hardcore mixed with elements of 80's punk. Fast, angry, and intense. The way all thrash should be. Nomos might be worm food, but it hasn't surfaced on the internet yet. I really hope not because these guys own, and are well capable of dishing out some more shit. But if they do, I won't be surprised. Most good bands do that sort of thing. Fuck. Discography's below.

- Members Also Play(ed) In: Dustheads & Red Handed

- For Fans Of:  Raw Nerve, Aerosols, Cancer Kids & Das Oath 

The Men Split CS
(Nomos Tracks Only)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Sinaloa is one of my personal favorite emotional hardcore bands to ever hit the scene.  Formed in 2001, Somerville, MA, these guys have redefined the genre with more passion and joy for the music itself.  Dual Vocals are masterfully delivered by the two guitarists, and the drummer is highly creative driving and tasteful  with his style.  Very straight-forward in their sound, but it's just timeless.  It's relieving that their sound doesn't have to be spastic and fast to sound intense and full of emotion.  These guys are soaked with originality!  I can't really compare these post-emo-core dudes with any other band out there.  I hope they continue to make brilliant songs in the years to come.  Dig Sinaloa's Discography Below.

Self Titled 12" EP (2010)

Chapel And Basement : Acoustic (2009)

Oceans Of Islands LP (2008)

Daniel Striped Tiger Split 7" (2008)
(Sinaloa Track Only)

Ampere Split LP (2006)
(Sinaloa Tracks Only)

Catena Collapse Split 7" (2006)
(Sinaloa Track Only)

Footprints On Floorboards LP (2005)

Life At These Speeds Split 7" (2005)
(Sinaloa Track Only)

Wolves Split 7" (2004)
(Sinaloa Tracks Only)

Wayfarers All : A Compilation LP (2004)
(Sinaloa Track Only)

Fathers And Sons LP (2003)

Demo Cassette (2002)