Thursday, October 27, 2011


Threatener is ridiculously hyper, manic, destructive & extreme fastcore extravaganza.  These punks from An Arbor, Michigan tear shit up!  Super-thrashin' speeds of power-chord shredding, absurdly fast drumming, and harsh & rowdy vox.  They are a distorted, rusty buzzsaw right through your brain.  Soooo fucking good!  They sadly only lasted from 2001-2005.  Their entire discography is posted below.  Enjoy these catchy-yet-chaotic tracks to the fullest!  Dig

-For Fans Of:  Crossed Out, Sea Of ShitUzi Suicide & Conga Fury



Pharaohs is an incredibly fun and energetic indie-rock/surf-punk concoction that is just such a goddamn joy!  Screen World is their full length released in 2011 that will slap a nice ole' smile on your face.  Creative and fresh sounding without a doubt.  They sound like they're always havin' a fuckin' blast too.  Nothing wrong with a good time!  Download this along with their delightful demo below!  It's a pleasant listen, definitely worth the snag!  Smile...Dig.

Members also play[ed] in...  Music BandTropical Punk & Powerplant

Screen World Cover Art
Screen World (2011)

Amenhotep IV [Demo]

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Skrapyard is a punk band out of Chicago. These dudes play blistering punk with a lot of Oi! Super awesome stuff going on here. Not much else to say. This is their only release so far but they have a 10 song "Maxi-ep" 12" coming out on Youth Attack soon. Just get into this shit now! Dig!

Demo Cassette (2010)

Good Fucking Luck

Good Fucking Luck is a noisy punk band from New Hampshire. Blasting riffs and drums and gut wrenching vocals. Just plain pissed off. There's a random droney track on their demo cs that is a weird addition but it's cool.  Bare Character reviewed this band and said, "If you like things along the lines of combat wounded veteran, but in low fi and barley comprehensive then definitely check this out." Below is the demo and the tracks off the new split cs with DeadMoths put out by Bookhouse Records and Bare Character!

Demo I

DeadMoths Split Cassette
(GFL Tracks Only)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sutekh Hexen

Sutekh Hexen is a black noise/metal behemoth based out of San Francisco CA. This 2 piece plays some of the most unique black metal out right now. Walls of noise layered over intense black metal riffs, thunderous drums, and haunting howls. This is for the die heard black metal/noise fans. If you can appreciate this you can appreciate any of the other black metal bands I've posted. Give this a real shot! Drone out to this hard! Dig!

Larvae LP

Luciform LP

Ordo Adversarial, Daemons, Shadows Comp.

Alters cs

Ritualistic cs

Constellation cs

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Gridlink is a ridiculously fast, technical and mind-blowing grindcore band from Hoboken, New Jersey.  Jon Chang (of Discordance Axis fame) is screaming his guts out to an orchestra of manically challenging grind mayhem.  The band is so fucking tight, every note is dead-on.  Pure Destruction!  Their two releases have been respectfully released on Hydrahead Records, and they will in fact tear you apart!  Mad fast, crazy short, undeniably awesome.  Get On This!  Dig. 

-For Fans Of:  Discordance Axis, Maruta & Worlds

Orphan (2011)

Amber Gray (2008)

Live @ Maryland Death Fest 2010

Soul Swallower

Soul Swallower is an amazingly dark and destructive hardcore band from Boston, MA.  These guys switch from powerviolence thrashiness to super-heavy metallic hardcore very tastefully.  Beefy and full distorted riffs blend nicely with the sludgy bass licks and the drummer all over the place.  These dudes own!  Their newest release, the Devoured LP, rips so goddamn hard, you've gotta bump it.  Everything I could find from these dudes is posted below.  Enjoy the madness! It's Awesome!  DIG.

-For Fans Of:  Mind Eraser, Bookburner & God Harvest

Devoured LP

Self Titled 7"


Sunday, October 9, 2011


Phoenix, Arizona's Elders is a hardcore punk band that is straight-up fuckin' awesome!  The band's overall sound is raw, dark, menacing, violent, crusty and mighty pissed off!  Your speakers are filled with thick fuzzy distortions, crashing cymbols, pounding drums and furious shouting in the mic.  From what I understand, the band only released their Blind Rage LP, that shreds so fuckin' hard! It's insane!  One of the best punk full lengths Iv'e heard in a while.  Hopefully they're working on another release real soon 'cuz i'm fiendin' for more.  Snag it below if you haven't dabbled yet.  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Nomos, Hoax, Raw Nerve & Suburbanite

Blind Rage LP (2011)


Pennsylvania's Pyramids were an intense, powerful, and progressive scream-o band that existed from 04-08. After their first LP, Following The Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases their original guitarist and drummer left, forcing the bassist/vocalist to recruit new members to complete the trio again. A tough task, but the music never suffered from the line-up change. Download their discography below if you're a fan of scream-o from the late 90's and early 00's.      

For fans of: Trainwreck, City Of Caterpillar, Neil Perry, & Funeral Diner

Corn On Macabre

We Are The Undead.    CORN ON MACABRE
Corn On Macabre is a dark and grimey horror themed mix of punk and grindcore from Virginia.  They only lasted from 2001-2002 but they left a huge mark on the scene today.  Disgusting vocals flood through the distortion of maniacal punk madness.  Utter chaos with slight touches of eerie melodic parts.  Members of this band also played in Pg. 99, Forensics, Waifle, Enemy Soil, Darkest Hour and more.  Below I posted their entire discography.  Endulge deep in the destruction that is Corn On Macabre.  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Majority Rule, Crestfallen & Pig Destroyer

Chapters I & II With Deleted Scene

Thought I'd Throw Up This Cool-Ass Flyer For Shits
Handbill for Toxic Avenger 4 Premiere (NYC) in My Photos by

Amanda Woodward

Formed in 2000, Amanda Woodward is an incredibly enjoyable screamo band from Caen, France.  They crank out classic, poetic, melodic and harsh tunes that will stay strong for the years to come.  Screams filled with meaning topped with amazing guitarwork and driving bass 'n' drums.  Technical yet tasteful and oh so entertaining, if you haven't had the pleasure of hearing them before, now's you chance to snag their discography below.  The Self-Titled Collection CD contains the band's Demo Picturedisk 10", a compilation track from the Lucky Thirteen Comp. LP, & their Ultramort LP.  Enjoy! It's Mad Bien!  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Aussitot Mort, Raein & Funeral Diner

Meurt La Soif / Un Peu D'Etoffe 7" (2006)

La Decadence De La Decadence LP (2004)

1905 Split 7" (2004)
(Amanda Woodward Track Only)

Pleine De Grâce 7" (2003)

Self-Titled Collection CD (2000-2002)