Saturday, February 22, 2014

Love Channel

The thing that stands out about Germany's Love Channel is they're not all about speed, which is awesome since they're considered a powerviolence band. Their songs still have that spazzy thrash, but Love Channel like to mix heavy grooves with an occasional crust riff or drum pattern every now and then as a harsh reminder that powerviolence doesn't have to be fast all the time. Below is their self titled 7" and their split with Swedish powerviolence trio Femtekolonnare. I could only find the stream for it so if anyone has it, hook it up!

For fans of: BouquetHoax, & Put To Death

Friday, February 21, 2014


This band's debut CS is a nice dose of d-beat/crust that doesn't get redundant or boring. Five tracks nine minutes. Nothing more nothing less. This shit hits hard and sticks with you. Can't wait to hear their upcoming split 7" with Aspects Of War.   

For fans of: ObliterationImpalers, & Shitstorm


Foxing is a sweet post rock/indie band from Saint Louis. These guys have it all. The pretty little twinkle we've all grown to love in their guitars, strained but well sung vocals, a variety of percussion, lots of cool guitar and bass effects, and my personal favorite; horns. Over the last couple of years, Foxing have progressed from tiny indie band to epic masters. Snag their latest LP and you'll know what I'm talking about.        

For fans of: This Town Needs GunsToe, & Brand New

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Picture of Nerveskade
Here's a nice dose of dirty d-beat from Portland, Oregon's Nerveskade.  This is some frantic and blown out punk that never gives you a second to breathe.  Walls of feedback, unrelentingly violent riffs, blistering drums and snarling vocals are all delivered with endless energy with an overall fierce outcome.  Snag everything below and thanks a ton to Tomek for hooking me up with most of these gems.  Shit's nuts.  Dig.

Perdition / Nerveskade Split 7" (2011)

D-Clone / Nerveskade Split 7" (2011)

Self Titled LP (2010)

Insanity / Forced To Live 7" (2010)

Acid Attack 7" (2009)

Live During Wartime (2009)

Demo Cassette (2008)