Sunday, March 17, 2019

Regional Justice Center

Regional Justice Center doesn't fuck around and gets straight to the point.  This no-nonsense brand of fast hardcore punk hits hard with blazing riffs, pummeling drums and utterly pissed off vocals.  Creative, angular, ferocious and fresh are some descriptions I can stand by without any doubt.  Dig!

- For Fans Of : Iron Lung, Aerosols, Wound Man & Vaccine

World Of Inconvenience LP (2018)

Demo Cassette (2017)


Here is some raw American black metal at it's finest.  Altars formed back in 2003 and has been playing some of the darkest, noisiest blackened punk Iv'e heard in the past years.  This stuff is dirty and punishing with well blended power electronics thrown into the mix with insanely haunting results.  Snag everything I could find below.  Dig!

Filth In Light Cassette (2018)

Almond Hammer Cassette (2017)

Live On Pure Hate 12" EP (2011)

Eulogy 12" EP (2011)

Altars / Halla Split 7" (2010)

 Ewig Verloren 7" (2009)

Altars / Issei Sagawa Split 7" (2007)


Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and plays urgent, no-holds-barred hardcore punk that doesn't give you a second to breathe.  Their demo blew me away at first listen with manic energy, non-stop riffs, fast-as-hell drum work and tough vocal grunts.  If you haven't yet indulged in this band's material, snag it below and dig your brains out.  This shit owns!!!

Surrounded LP (2018)

Need To Control 12" EP (2016)

Promo Cassette (2015)

Self Titled 7" (2014)

The Muff Divers

This two-man project features AJ Durso of Gas Rag, Birth Deformities, Cülo, etc... and Joe Muffin of Nancy and Dangüs Tarküs fame. The Muff Divers play a sweet mash up of punk, rock, & 70's glam. A drum machine keeps time on this material, giving it an even more retro sound if you ask me. Their three releases go by super quick so listen to them twice... or much more.  The Muff Divers is crucial if you're a fan of having fun.  Dig.

Dreams Of The Gentlest Texture LP (2017)

No Muff Too Tuff 7" (2015)

Demo Cassette (2014)


NYC's Warthog is a menacingly loud and fast hardcore outfit that stomps hard and plays dirty.  These guys thrash and squeal with riffs coated in feedback, driving drums, fuzzed-out bass and unsettling vocal rage.  Snag these raging tunes below and dig face.  Nothing short of awesome.

Self Titled 7" (2018)

Self Titled 7" (2016)

Are You A Functioning Human In A Functioning World? Cassette (2016)

Prison 7" (2014)

Exterminate Me 7" (2013)

Demo Cassette (2012)

Casanovas In Heat

Casanovas In Heat are fucking rad. These Boston boys play a style of music that makes me think of the Gin Blossoms if they went to punk rock academy. Catchy rock vibes with a some driving punk grit going on.  Snag this shit now. 

- Members Also Play(ed) In : Savageheads, Bloodkrow Butcher, Male Nurses & Subclinix

- For Fans Of : Conmen, WarsongMean Jeans & Lude Boys

Twisted Steel Sex Appeal LP (2018)

Belvidere / Destiny St. 7" (2014)

Ruins 7" (2013)

Live On WFMU (2012)

Demo Cassette (2011)


Cleveland, Ohio's Cruelster is a fun blessing of raw stripped-down punk energy. And they are fucking weird. Strange sound clips, awkward vocals, and a bunch of other odd sounds throughout their stuff. It's probably some sick joke between the members and a small group of friends, but who cares. The music holds it together really well.  Good times. Snag their discography below. 

- For Fans Of:  Twerps, Dipers, Bad People & Bad Noids

Riot Boys LP (2018)

terminal windmill 7" cover art
Terminal Windmill 7" (2015)

First Demo 2006 Cassette (2015)

Cruelster / Putrid Cause Split 7" (2014)

Potatoe Boys LP (2013)

Born Wrong Split Cassette (2013)
(Cruelster Tracks Only)

Demo Cassette (2012)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Organ Dealer

Organ Dealer is a mind-melting grindcore outfit from New Jersey.  Delivering maniacal guitar riffs, unbelievable drum skills and ferocious vocals, these guys blew me away instantly.  Precision and intensity definitely stamp these guys as modern masters of their craft.  un-fucking-believable.  Get on this now!  Dig!

Organ Dealer / Invertebrate / Nerve Grind : 3-Way Split 7" (2018)

Birdflesh / Organ Dealer Split CD (2017)

Insomnia Chamber EP (2016)

Visceral Infection CD (2015)

Demo (2014)

City Hunter

Denver, Colorado's City Hunter is an absolutely menacing delivery of sketchy hardcore punk.  This band creates an onslaught of primitive muck-drenched sounds that leave an uncomfortable vibe behind.  Nihilistic, down your throat and ready to completely fuck with you.  This shit kills, dig.

Deep Blood LP (2018)

Knife Protocol Cassette (2016)

Self Titled Cassette (2013)