Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Picture of Panthers
Brooklyn, NY's Panthers was a powerhouse of rock and roll infused punk.  Their earlier material was loaded with creative, twinkling indie vibes and even some blues inspiration then later constructed heavier doom-rock qualities that mended with their already-consistent sound.  Their explosive and energized songwriting skills show everywhere within their discography and always seem to deliver some highly original and upbeat punk jams that are so damn catchy and addictive.  Judging by the lineup alone everyone should know who these guys are.  If not, snag what I could find below and dig!

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Orchid, Ritual Mess, Violent Bullshit, The Red Scare & Pitchblende

The Trick LP (2007)

Things Are Strange LP (2004)

Let's Get Serious 12" EP (2003)

Are You Down?? LP (2002)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Idiot Talk

Drenched in DC 80's punk goodness, these french punkers have no problem playing catchy songs reminiscent of yesteryear. It's fast, tough, angry & most importantly fun as hell no matter what mood you're in. Download and shake your fist to this. 

Sawtooth Grin

Time for some good old math-grind.  Sawtooth Grin creates grinding, blast drenched, slightly jazz-influenced music showered with death growls and high-pitched yelps throughout. Great fuck you music for the neighbors.  Sawtooth Grin formed in 1999, released their Cuddlemonster EP in 2001 and followed up with the Pervavor EP. They broke up in 2004 until 2009 when news had gotten out that they're up and running again and working on a new LP.  Well, that was years ago, and nothing else has been said about the progress aside from a few demo tracks that the band leaked.  Everything I could find is posted below.  Peep it and crank. 

Jabberwocky Demo's (2010-2011)

Pervavor EP (2005)

Cuddlemonster (2001)


Bummer have only been a band since 2012, but they slay like they've been killing it for years. It's a post-punk funathon drenched in 90's goodness in my opinion. They've even got whoas in their songs. As a fellow music lover, if you got whoas in your jams, I'm usually sold. Bummer just dropped their most recent effort, Steal These Nights a few days ago and were kind enough to give us the okay to post it. Super rad dudes. Steal picks up right were Kids On The Run left off and it's still a funathon. Hopefully their next effort will be in the form of an LP because I need more. Snag their current discography below.