Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom Eyes is a hypnotic and captivating indie/post-rock/shoegaze outfit from the NH/MA area.  These epic musical structures combine blown-out bass rhythms, driving drum work, intricate guitar meddling, waves of blanketing effects and melancholic vocal harmonies.  These masterfully consuming sounds take you on a moody and melodic ride that you'll willingly get lost in.  Get on this now and dig hard!

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  L'antietam, Bravo Fucking Bravo, Kill Your Children, Alessa & Our Arms

Honeysuckle LP (2015)

What Are You Wrong With LP (2012)

Demos (2012)


Here is a blown-out and constant mess of raging d-beat from Georgia's Mercenary.  Non-stop drum abuse, blazing riffs, muddled bass and belted-out vocal howls.  This maniacal barbarian punk is unrelenting and loaded with layers of feedback and noise that equally meshes with constantly crashing cymbals and ugly grunts.  Snag everything below if you haven't indulged yet. DIG!!!!!!

- For Fans Of:  Nerveskade, Perdition, Koszmar & Low Charge

Atlanta's Burning Cassette (2015)

Hardcore Gimme Some More Comp. 7" (2015)

Demo Cassette (2013)


Formed in 1997, Tokyo, Japan's 324 started releasing monumental grindcore chaos to the world.  The material these guys consistently delivered was always harder, louder, faster and more unhinged than many current imitators are attempting to create.  This is master craftsmanship in the art of fucking up senses.  Play this shit loud, take notes, repeat.  Snag everything below and dig! 

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Gibbed, ErodedVolume DealersCrow & Satanic Hellslaughter

Rebelgrind LP (2006)

Venomous Concept Split CDep (2006)
(324 Tracks Only)

Across The Black Wings CDep (2003)

Corrupted / Discordance Axis / 324 : 3-Way Split CDep (2001)

冒涜の太陽 LP (2000)

Soulwinter 7" (1999)

Customized Circle CDep (1999)

Demo Cassette (1997)


Here's some snotty angst-filled punk from Northwest Indiana's Liquids.  This is a frantic, rock-fused mess of lo-fi hardcore punk delivered at rapid speeds and never wants to slow down.  Their material is catchy, thrashy and messy in the best of ways.  Mat's not slowing down, his drive is inspiring and he's creating some amazingly fresh punk jams that keep getting better with every release!  Snag the goods below and DIG!

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  The ConeheadsGuinea KidPukeoidDaggerScabs, Night Fever, Wasted EffortABC GumZapGun & Menanites

Evil Cassette (2016)

Heart Beats True Cassette (2016)

Self Titled 7" (2016)

Hot Liqs LP (2016)

Blindin Flash Cassette (2016)

Brandon's In Jail Cassette (2015)

Lumpy Mixtape #2 (2015)

Live! With Liquids Time Cassette (2015)

Live At Mat's House Cassette (2015)

Mat's Demo Cassette (2015)

Sunday, August 14, 2016


St. Louis, Missouri's Q is a violent and degenerate display of fierce contemporary hardcore punk.  These scumbags spit out angry mid-to-fast tempo hardcore with slight d-beat inspiration that grabs your by the throat.  This stuff is ugly, thumping and manic with a memorably wild result.  Snag everything from these bastards below and dig!

- For Fans Of:  Gag, Blotter, Total Abuse & Ooze

Recqrd 7" (2015)

Tqur Cassette (2014)

Demq Cassette (2014)


Boilerman is a heavily energetic pop-punk outfit who play songs that possess common poppy hooks, frantic chord progressions, and quick drumming style the genre yearns for.  The only difference is gruff vocals and the occasional dark-pop qualities in Boilerman's songwriting.  This band's style is very different considering the members' past and present groups, which is more of a reason to check them out.  Snag their discography below.            


Melbourne, Australia's Krömosom is a barbaric, noise-soaked mess of sheer d-beat mayhem.  These dudes construct walls of completely blown-out punk chaos with buzzing riffs, primitive drum abuse, muddled bass fuzz and ferocious vocal howls.  This band is nasty.  Snag everything below and dig.

Krömosom / Nomad Split 7" (2015)

Nuclear Reich 12" EP (2013)

Live Forever Comp. CD (2011-2012)


Shitstorm is a brutal grindcore supergroup from Miami, Florida.  Extremely pissed off growls compliment pulverizing drums, muddy bass and spastic, scratchy guitar work.  These guys are all over the place!  Fucking nuts!  Below is their discography so far...  Hopefully this band never dies.  If you like on-point-fast-as-fuck grindcore, you won't be disappointed!  Enjoy!  DIG!

Radiation Split 7" (2016)
(Shitstorm Tracks Only)

Conga Fury Split 7" (2010)
(Shitstorm Tracks Only)

Paranoid Existence LP (2004-2009)

Shitstorm / Magrudergrind Split LP(2006)