Monday, April 15, 2013

Kill Your Children

Kill Your Children was a spazzy, grindcore ... band? This band was made up of members of L'antietam and Bravo Fucking Bravo. I saw them play once at this show a band I was in was supposed to play at. It was at the VFW in Manchester, NH and there was no pa system so some bands bailed. It was awesome though. I saw this band Juice Box that a friend of mine was in, L'antietam, The River Bottom, and KYC. No mics, no lights. It was awesome. I don't think KYC was supposed to play but because the members were all there they played a few songs. It was really pretty sweet. I'm pretty sure they had a few albums on cd back then but the songs below were all I could get my hands on. Nothing to shit your pants about here but it brings back some sweet memories. This is my first post in some months and I wanted it to be a good one but this is all you get. Ha! Dig!

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