Sunday, May 29, 2016


Olympia, Washington's Eightball is a venomous hardcore punk outfit that doesn't shy away from noisy d-beat and rock 'n' roll territories.  These dudes delivered an incredibly killer 3-song demo last year and recently released a follow-up 7".  Eightball kicks out noisy, balls-to-the-wall guitar riffs, squealing leads, thunderous drum beatings and ferocious vocal grunts.  Get on this now!  Dig.

Self Titled 7" (2016)

Evilive At Uhaul Cassette (2016)

Demo Cassette (2015)

Sunshine Ward

Here's more vicious hardcore punk action from Boston's Sunshine Ward.  This distorted mess of New England punk is loaded with noisy guitar chords, squealing leads, rapid drum work and aggressively spit vocals.  Their newest 12" EP is another solid piece of work from these guys and deserves all the praise it gets.  Snag everything below and dig.

Order 12" EP (2016)

Cream Of The Crop Comp. Cassette (2015)

Self Titled 7" (2014)

Demo Cassette (2014)

Beatriz Carnicero

Beatriz Carnicero hails from Uruguay, South America and play an unrelenting and forceful brand of grinding fastcore.  Buzzsaw riffs tear right through you, the bass slaps you in the face and the drums are everywhere, flooding your brain with crashing cymbals and non-stop drum fills.  Their entire recorded output will surely take you back to some roots of powerviolence, fastcore and grindcore.  Snag everything below because it's all harsh as fuck and will indeed melt your face off!  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  SFN, Have Fun, Dropdead & California Love

3-Way Split EP (2016)
(Beatriz Carnicero Tracks Only)

Beatriz Carnicero / Odioso Dios Split EP (2014)

BeatrizCarnicero/Chulo split cover art
Beatriz Carnicero / Chulo Split EP (2013)

BeatrizCarnicero/pudrëtë split cover art
Beatriz Carnicereo / Pudrëtë Split EP (2013)

Beatriz Carnicero / Avitacion 101 Split CD (2013)

No Reces [Demo] (2012)

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Strutter hails from Austin, Texas and plays a grimy rock-fused brand of hardcore punk.  These dudes deliver noisy and ripping sounds consisting of driving guitar riffs and leads, thumping drums and ugly vocal snarls.  These jams will get you moving and banging your head.  Snag their two releases below and get into this hard!  Dig.

Self Titled 7" (2016)

Demo Cassette (2015)


This thrashy, melodic, angry riff-monster is called Ghostlimb. They've been active since 2006 and I hope they never plan on stopping... ever!  Every release of theirs shreds insanely hard.  No complaints here.  Each release is different, but never strays away from the general feel of their pummeling self-titled debut. This is all of their shit, download and get pissed.  Dig.

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Graf Orlock, Dangers, Reivers, Bouquet, Coma & Forming


Blackball hails from Raleigh/Richmond, Virginia and plays a destructive and menacing brand of supercharged hardcore punk.  This band rips through track after raging track of gritty, distorted hardcore mayhem that doesn't let up.  Their 3 song cs was gripping from the second I heard it and now they've dropped an utterly brutal 7" that hits incredibly hard.  Snag both releases below and DIG!

Self Titled 7" (2016)

3 Songs Cassette (2015)


Sacridose hails from the Tampa/Gainesville area of Florida and plays a maniacal grindcore/powerviolence hybrid that shreds hard!  Made up of ex-Cellgraft members, this is some brutal material that's delivered at blistering speeds with walls of shredding guitar insanity, muddled bass noise, blasting drum beats and fierce vocal shrieks.  These maniacs dropped an amazing 7" a couple years back, followed it up with an incredible split with Triac and recently released a new cassette!  Snag all three releases below and get your face melted.  Dig.

Slave World Cassette (2016)

Triac/Sacridose Split EP cover art
Sacridose / Triac Split 7" (2015)

Anxiety Tremors cover art
Anxiety Tremors 7" (2013)

Absolute Power

Yep, Absolute Power has been unleashed on Youth Attack and it's a a beast of a release.  With the pedigree of the members included, you couldn't expect anything less than sheer chaos and a ripping display of solid hardcore punk.  Their LP is fast, fierce, and loaded with raging energy.  I can't/won't continue to describe this album, just listen and be amazed.  Dig.

Self Titled LP (2016)

Witches With Dicks

Witches With Dicks
Witches With Dicks is a gruff, rugged and fun as hell pop punk band from Boston, MA.  The energy is there, the attitude is there and the all-around joy of punk rock is definitely there!  All of the members share vocal duties too which is super-cool!  After quite the hiatus, these dudes are back with some new jams!  Snag everything below and dig.

Not Just A Passing Season 12" EP (2015)

American Railroads 7" (2007)

Manual LP (2007)

Witches With Dicks / Conversions Split 7" (2005)


Northwest Indiana seems like an oddly magical place for punk and hardcore.  Here's one of the many solo projects of Mark Winter called D.L.I.M.C.  This is an undeniably fun and catchy delivery of Mark's signature wackiness.  The guitar and bass work is incredibly inventive and upbeat with climbing structures and tasty licks sprinkled throughout, his drumming is on point, non-stop and his colorful vocals really shine with his expected energy and goofiness.  Snag his cassingles below and hope for more soon!  Dig!

November Cassingle (2015)

October Cassingle (2015)

July Cassingle (2015)

February Cassingle (2015)

No Time

Here's some meaty Oi! punk from Pittsburgh's No Time.  This stomp-fest is loaded with constant power-chords, rock-fused guitar leads, driving bass and drums and throaty vocal grunts.  Their new LP kicks some serious ass!!!  Snag below and dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Blood Pressure, Masakari, Concealed Blade, Heartless, Swallowed Up, Blood Red & Run, Forever

You'll Get Yours LP (2016)

Promo Cassette (2015)

Mind Cure Single 7" (2014)

No Time cover art
Self Titled 7" (2013)