Sunday, July 31, 2011

Das Oath

Probably the best thrash punk band ever. If you don't know who Das Oath is, you should be put in a trash bag and beaten with PVC pipes. Two members are from New York and other two live in the Netherlands. how did these four get together? Who knows, but together they have created a sound for any fan of fast angry music. Below is all their shit or most of it. The Uber Alles post is the tracks that I couldn't find on any other releases. It is NOT the entire release. 1999-2007. Sweet dreams.

FUN FACT: If you didn't know already, the singer Mark McCoy runs record label Youth Attack    

For fans of:  Aerosols, Failures, Nomos, and The Cancer Kids

Members formed/went on to form:  Charles Bronson, Failures, Veins, Holy Molar, Haxan, Mainstrike, and Oil 

The Great Redneck Hope

i broke my belt buckle in half at this show. MF    The Great Redneck Hope

The Great Redneck Hope hail from Colorado and play a punishing mixture of grindcore and screamo.  Brutally executed  breakdowns, spazzy, all-over-the-place riffage and bloodcurdling shrieks make these dudes stand out like a nun at an Anal Cunt show.  Their song titles are fucking ridiculous too!  Enjoy!  DIG!!!

-For Fans Of... Ed Gein, Daughters & Destroyer Destroyer

Behold! The Fuck Thunder 10" (2004)

The Great Redneck Hope / Bleeding Kansas Split 7" (2004)

'Splosion!! LP [One-Sided] (2003)

Bravo Fucking Bravo

Bravo Fucking Bravo is a raw hardcore band from New Hampshire.  These dudes even add some rock and roll twang which makes their sound very unique.  Crazy energy and rock solid tunes make these guys stand out long after they broke up.  Below I posted everything I could find from these guys.  Enjoy!

-NOTE: some tracks on the 2003 Demo were re-recorded for the better and have been removed

II LP (2005)

Self Titled CDep (2005)

Hammer Of The Gods: Live Tour CDep (2005)

Demo (2003)


Ingrid is a two-piece balls-to-the-wall, spastic hardcore punk band from D.C.  They play a frenzied style of  punk that blends with the "Fuck You!" attitude of 80's hardcore awesomeness!  This band rules!  Sadly, this cassette, titled "Tryangle," is the only thing they put out.  However, it's a damn enjoyable release and the packaging of the cassette is bomb-as-hell.  When I first bought it, I must have cranked it 5 or 6 times back-to-back.  Tasty Jamz! Enjoy! DIG!

-Members Also Played In: Mass Movement Of The Moth
-Members Currently Play In: Des Ark & Danke

Tryangle Cassette


Formed in 2002, Daitro is a screamo/hardcore band  from France that are the perfect example of keeping the genre fresh and unpredictable.  These guys play a combination of post-rock and progressive hardcore that's evenly meshed with mellow and chaotic parts in the most tasteful of ways.  They've written some of most well-written songs I ever heard!  EPIC!  These guys eventually decided to take a break in 2009, but they did manage to leave us these epic jamz for now.  Below is their entire discography so far.... Can Ya Dig.

For Fans Of... Aussitot Mort, Neil Perry & Raein

Y LP (2009)
Sed Non Satiata Split LP (2008)
(Daitro Tracks Only)
US Tour 7" (2007)
Ampere Split 7" (2007)
(Daitro Track Only)
Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes LP (2005)

Emo Armageddon Comp. LP (2005)
(Daitro Track Only)

The Harsh Words As The Sun 3-Way Split CD (2004)
(Daitro Tracks Only)

Raein Split 10" (2004)
(Daitro Tracks Only)

This Is Your Life Comp. 2xLP (2004)
(Daitro Track Only)

Des Cendres, Je Me Consumme 10" (2003)

Self-Titled 7" (2002)