Thursday, May 31, 2012


Rosenbombs is a raw, fast and pissed off powerviolence assault from the Bay Area, made up of members from Doppelganger and Punch.  If you're a fan of their other projects, I wouldn't hesitate on snagging these tracks.  Everything I could find is posted below.  Enjoy, these guys were rowdy-as-hell!  DIG!!!

Bay Area Thrash III : Ballistic Thrash Detonation Comp. CD (2008)
(Rosenbombs Tracks Only)

Self Titled 7" (2005)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


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Hail Of Rage was from Torrington, Connecticut and played a brutal blend of thrashy and grinding hardcore.  Thick, heavy guitars and muddled bass is played at manic speeds along with some incredibly sick drumming and angry, beefed up vocals.  Non-stop, down-your-throat and surely timeless for any fan of grind/fastcore/powerviolence.  These guys lasted from 1994-1996 and still sound fresh after all these years.  Below is their discography that was released as an LP in 2006 titled " All Hail."  Snag these classics and dig your face off! DIG!

All Hail : Discography LP

White Guilt

Picture of White Guilt
White Guilt is a violent and super pissed off mysterious-guy hardcore punk band from Syracuse, NY.  Their sound is ugly and unrelenting with snarling vocals belted over buzzing punk riffs, spazzed-out bass and urgent  drums.  These guys are manic as hell most of the time with some slow, sludgy parts only to kick right back into a scattered frenzy of fast and grimy punk.  Snag everything they've released below.  Shit's MEAN! Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Cult Ritual, Divisions, SQRM & Crazy Spirit

Self Titled 7" (2012)

Self Titled LP (2010)

Demo II (2009)

Demo I (2009)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Social Circkle

Massachusetts' Social Circkle was an unstoppable force of pure american hardcore punk reminiscent of the classic 80's hardcore wave and a more modern garage-punk.  Aggressive and snotty vocals are shouted over driving, twangy and thrashy punk riffs at manic speeds, thumping bass hooks keep the constant flow moving along with some incredibly tight drums that are straight-up siiick!  I can't really say exactly how insanely good this band is besides the fact that Social Circkle is nothing short of an inspiration for the punk and hardcore community.  Between 2005-2011 these dudes absolutely killed it and left some insane jams behind!  Snag these thrashterpieces, their discography is posted below.  DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Blank Stare, Confines, Bloody Gears, Boston Strangler & Sleeper Cell

-For Fans Of:  Failures, Government Warning, Direct Control & Cut The Shit

Expiration Date 7" (2011)

City Shock LP (2009)

On The Run 7" (2009)

March Session Cassette (2008)

I've Got Afflictions 7" (2007)

Static Eyes 7" (2006)

Demo Cassette (2005)

Total Fucking Destruction

Total Fucking Destruction hails from Pennsylvania and is made up of current/former members of Brutal TruthOff Minor, Hot CrossExit-13, Ninefinger, Peacemaker, Old Head & Halo Of Snakes.  These guys play a blistering and supersonic wave of grindcore that's brutal and unrelenting but also very experimental with hints of punk and crossover-thrash with walls of noise throughout.  TFD's sound is full and blaring with scratchy chugs and solos along with plenty of shredding thrash riffs that spread everywhere the bass scales can follow.  The drummer, Rich Hoak, is a mastermind in the odd-grind field, and adds genius and sometimes goofy time signatures and endlessly blasting drums to this non-stop rockin' grind orchestra.  Vocals come from all angles which creates a outburst of lyrical furies that are filled with howls, shrieks and growls.  

"In Total Fucking Destruction, we assume that there is a slow-motion apocalypse unfolding around us. We don’t know if it’s the result of the world-wide corporate-military-entertainment-technological complex. Post-modern gadgets fill our lives; take our minds off of what’s really important… that the world civilization is approaching the end of history…"  -Rich Hoak

Very intriguing indeed.  If you haven't heard these guys yet, snag everything I could find below.  DIG!

Hater LP (2011)

Skat Injector Split 7" (2011)
(TFD Tracks Only)

Unholy Grave Split 7" (2009)
(TFD Tracks Only)

Peace, Love And Total Fucking Destruction LP (2008)

This Comp. Kills Fascists Vol. 1 LP/CD (2008)
(TFD Tracks Only)

Spoonful Of Vicodin Live Split Cassette (2008)
(TFD Tracks Only)

Zen And The Art Of Total Fucking Destruction LP (2007)

Table For Two : Brutal Truth Split 7" (2007)
(TFD Track Only)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed Split 7" (2007)
(TFD Tracks Only)

Machetazo Split 7" (2006)
(TFD Tracks Only)
Compact Disc Version 1.0 (2000-2004)

Friday, May 18, 2012


It's been a while since we've posted something from Italy, so here you go. Heisenburg are from Rome and sound like an angrier Daitro. Their music is very straight ahead, driving, and powerful. Cool guitar effects and keyboards make these guys sound a little different, but the classic italian scream-o vibe is still engraved in these jams. Their debut EP below was released late last year, and I'm pretty stocked to hear future releases.  

For fans of: Daitro & Raein

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Still answering to a higher authority, five years on. Potsdam, Germany    Cinemechanica
Cinemechanica hailed from Athens, Georgia and play an energetic blend of post-rock, math-rock, indie and punk that compliments every member's talent perfectly.  The band's intricate songwriting is oozing with inventively constructed guitars riffs, driving bass scales, fiercely technical drum skills and topped off with aggressive yet melodically passionate vocals.  These guys have created an incredible sound that's highly creative, heavy, twinkly, progressive and no doubt rockin'!  Everything I could find from them is posted below.  The only thing I believe I'm missing is their self titled CDep.  Snag everything below and DIG!

Rivals 10" (2008)

The Martial Arts LP (2006)

Maserati / Cinemechanica / We Versus The Shark : 3-Way Split CDep (2004)
(Cinemechanica Tracks Only)

Friday, May 11, 2012


San Diego, California's Wavves ( Nathan Williams) is a psychedelic mixture of noise, garage rock, surf pop, stoner punk and much more noise.  Kind of an acquired taste with how much the music switches from experimental craziness to straight-ahead rock grooves but if you can get past the weirdness, this stuff is pretty fuckin' rad!  Extremely fuzzy guitar and bass mends with sketchy electronics, up-beat drums and droned-out vocals.  It's filled with eerie harmonies that create a hypnotizing and schizophrenic combination of lo-fi punk rock.  Like I said before, It's weird as hell,  but well worth the listen!  Snag everything I could hunt down below.  DIG!
-For Fans Of:  Beach Fossils, Best Coast & The Beach Boys

Life Sux EP (2011)
Trash Talk Split 7" (2011)
(Wavves Track Only)
Best Coast Split 7" (2011)
(Wavves Tracks Only)
King Of The Beach LP (2010)
Wavvves LP (2009)

California Goths 7" (2009)
To The Dregs 7" (2009)
Beach Demon / Weed Demon 7" (2008)

So Bored 7" (2008)
Wavves LP (2008)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tiger Uppercut!

Street Fighter anyone? If the answer is yes then get on this Tiger Uppercut! awesomeness! TU! was a rad as hell happy hardcore band out of California (I think). They have an awesome street fighter theme and some funny but awesome lyrical themes! Don't be fooled by the silliness because these dudes can rip it up. Get into this stuff and have fun. Everything they did is below. DIG!

Tiger Uppercut! / Sabertooth Zombie Split 7" (2008)

'Till My Last Fucking Quarter 7" (2005)

Demo (2004)

Monday, May 7, 2012

The New Yorker

The New Yorker, from Northwest Indiana, has been blowing up everywhere and for damn good reason!  These guys are so fucking intense!  This very talented trio plays a spastic blend of screamo and hardcore that's heartfelt, chaotic, and strangely creates an eerily melodic tone throughout.  It's driving, thrashy, mathy, twangy, spazzy and so damn amazing!  I don't know how to put it,  I just can't stop crankin' their jams.  Snag everything below because it rules.  DIG.

-Members Play(ed) In:  Lord Snow, Raw Nerve & Expendable Youth

Living Among Winners and Losers 12" cover art
Living Among Winners And Losers LP (2012)

Home Is Where The Trees Grow EP (2009)

The New Yorker / Throes Split CDep (2008)