Sunday, April 27, 2014

Permanent Ruin

Picture of Permanent Ruin
California's Permanent Ruin is a blistering fastcore outfit with heavy thrash punk and grind influences.  Fierce female-fronted vocals are belted over non-stop tracks of absolute ferocity.  Their raging and forceful sound never gives you a moment to breathe.  Try to keep up after you snag these barbaric jams below.  DIG!!!

NNT#025 - Permanent Ruin - San Jose EP cover art
San Jose 7" (2014)

Mas Alla De La Muerte 7" (2013)

Hell Is Real 7" (2012)

Theme For Castration Flexi 7" (2012)

Demo Cassette (2011)


Chicago's Hate plays a barbaric sludge/grind/crust blend of hardcore.  This band is heavy as hell and demolishes your eardrums with massive riffs, walls of distortion, muddy bass, and pulverizing drum madness.  I don't know too much about these guys other than the fact that they rule.  Snag what I could find below and DIG!

Bongripper / Hate Split 12" EP (2013)

Hate/Cyborg Split 7" cover art
Hate / Cyborg Split 7" (2011)

Crimes 7" (2009)

Demo Collection LP (2008)

Old Gray

Old Gray is an aggressive Emo band out of New Hampshire.  Raw-yet-melodic vocals mix perfectly with the band's tasteful and creative song-writing skills.  They remind me of the classic sound of 90's screamo, garage-rock & a touch of new school emotional hardcore.  Catchy, fun & full of emotion.  Old Gray has been blowing up like crazy for a damn good reason.  These guys are well worth your time. Indulge in these jamz.  Dig!!!

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Sorority Noise & Youth Funeral

Old Gray / Tiny Moving Parts Split 7" (2014)

An Autobiography cover art
An Autobiography LP (2013)

"I Think I Might Love You" Is An Awfully Long Sentence cover art
"I Think I Might Love You" Is An Awfully Long Sentence 7" [Single] (2013)

FEST 12 split 10" cover art
The Fest Split 10" (2013)

Big Footprints September 4-Way Split (Pt. I) cover art
Big Footprints 4-Way Split (2013)

4-Way V-Day Split (2013)

Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To cover art
Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To 7" (2012)

Catharsis (2011 demo) cover art
Catharsis [Single] (2011)

Old Gray & Girl Scouts Split cover art
Girl Scouts Split Cassette (2011)

Old Gray & The Hundred Acre Woods : An Acoustic Split Among Friends cover art
Old Gray / The Hundred Acre Woods Acoustic Split EP (2011)

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe cover art
Do I Dare Disturb The Universe EP (2011)

Demo cover art
Demo (2011)

Saturday, April 26, 2014


From Kent, UK come Harrowed.  A blistering display of metallic hardcore loaded with heavy Entombed-style riffs and destructive percussion.  This band consumes you with crunchy sounds of old-school death metal with an added blend of modern metal and hardcore.  Their debut full-length is quite the ripper.  If you like the genre, you'll definitely dig face.

- For Fans Of:  Trap Them, Cursed, Impatience & Stripmines

Into Inferno cover art
Into Inferno LP (2013)

S/T DEMO cover art
Demo Cassette (2012)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Big Rats

Picture of Big Rats
Tampa, Florida's Big Rats played a tough and frenzied brand of 80's inspired hardcore.  These guys raged for only a couple years but left behind some solid jams loaded with meaty riffs, squealing guitars, constant drum action and gruff' vocals.  Snag their two releases below and dig.

- Members Also Pla(yed) In:  The Holy Mountain, Coffin Dancer, Divisions, Horrid Cross & Trample

Self Titled 7" (2009)

Demo Cassette (2008)


Picture of METHMOUTH
Miami, Florida's Methmouth plays a brand of straight-edge powerviolence that's noisy and coated with ear peircing feedback.  Their sound is full of dirty guitar riffs, thick drum blasts, fuzzed-out bass tones and absolutely vicious vocals.  These guys are ugly, hard-hitting, unsettling and surprisingly catchy during their slow breaks.  This shit kicks so much ass and all of their releases are well worth cranking loud and repetitively.  Snag below and dig.

WASTE OF LIFE cover art
Waste Of Life Flexi 7" (2014)

BLEACH BATH cover art
Bleach Bath 7" (2013)

DEMO 2013 cover art
Demo Cassette (2013)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Future Binds

I can't think of the last time a demo was given the 7" treatment without having to properly prove itself. Deranged Records must have assumed Future Binds were a shoe in. Granted, the members are from some kick ass bands in NC, but it still baffles me. Future Binds play some pretty straight ahead thumpy hardcore. The 7" wont be the fastest thing you've heard, but it might be the fullest. The drums and bass are thick and compliment the high pitched guitar work throughout. Recording wise it's flawless for a punk demo and I want more. Oh wait, peep their facebook. They've already called it quits. Download and get pissed.

Members are/were also in: Abuse.Red DeathPure Scum, & Macht Nichts

For fans of: Failures, Nomos, & Confines

Stoic Violence

Here's some incredibly mean hardcore punk from California's Stoic Violence.  These guys play a driving brand of fast, ugly, degenerate hardcore complete with snarling vocals, non-stop drum action and layers of excellent punk riffs.  This band owns.  Get down with some chaos and snag their discography below.  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Altered Boys, Nomos, Sucked Dry & Pukeoid

Chained 12" EP (2014)

Tour Flexi 7" (2013)

Stoic Violence 12" cover art
Self Titled LP (2013)

Demo Cassette (2012)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bored Straight

Bored Straight was a sick-as-hell thrash punk band from Milwaukee, WI.  These gents are fucking intense!  Ripping guitar-work, spastic drums and harsh vox make these dudes a stand-out for any hardcore punk fan.  Unrelentingly fast and thrashing magic is gonna be cranking through your brain long after you indulge in these tracks.  Everything they've released is fucking rad so snag it all below!  Don't pass 'em up.  Degenerates unite!  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Sweet Tooth, Raw Nerve, Das Oath & Pukeoid

Final Session cover art
Final Session EP (2014)

Not Normal Comp cover art
Welcome To 2013 Comp. LP (2013)

Unreleased Demos And Outtakes Cassette (2013)

Locked Up 7" (2011)

TINNITUS e.p. cover art
Tinnitus 7" (2010)

Nordic Waste / Bored Straight / Holy Shit! : 3-Way Split 7" (2009)
(Bored Straight Tracks Only)

S/T e.p. cover art
Self Titled 7" (2008)

No Trigger

Picture of No Trigger
No Trigger is an amped-up melodic hardcore band out of Massachusetts.  Formed back in 2000, these punk rock fiends blasted out upbeat and ferocious jams that have maintained their original sound through the following years.  This band pulls off a highly energized hardcore/pop punk hybrid without any chance of disappointment.  No Trigger rips so snag everything below and dig face.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Wasteland, Save Ends & Building

Tycoon LP (2012)

Be Honest 7" (2010)

Canyoneer LP (2006)

Extinction In Stereo CDep (2004)