Sunday, April 20, 2014

Future Binds

I can't think of the last time a demo was given the 7" treatment without having to properly prove itself. Deranged Records must have assumed Future Binds were a shoe in. Granted, the members are from some kick ass bands in NC, but it still baffles me. Future Binds play some pretty straight ahead thumpy hardcore. The 7" wont be the fastest thing you've heard, but it might be the fullest. The drums and bass are thick and compliment the high pitched guitar work throughout. Recording wise it's flawless for a punk demo and I want more. Oh wait, peep their facebook. They've already called it quits. Download and get pissed.

Members are/were also in: Abuse.Red DeathPure Scum, & Macht Nichts

For fans of: Failures, Nomos, & Confines

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