Saturday, December 31, 2011

Polar Bear Club

Rochester, New York's Polar Bear Club are a flawless blend of indie-rock, pop-punk and straight-up hardcore.  These dudes tastefully mix the intensity of hardcore with the melodic songwriting skills of indie-rock.  They create a very mature sound that is full of heart and attitude with very fitting vocals that are harsh with a rough punk sound, but also contain a shit-ton of perfected melodies with plenty of sing-a-longs and some awesome uses of group chants and "whoa's".  Polar Bear Club are flat-out amazing with powerful riffs that twinkle all over the frets with intensity and passion and some sick drums and bass that keep the songs moving right along.  The entire band is so talented, you really can't pass them up.  Since their 2005 Demo dropped, these guys have been unstoppable. Download everything below and find out why they rule so goddamn much.  Dig.

Clash Battle Guilt Pride LP (2011)

The View, The Life 7" (2011)

Sometimes Things Just Disappear LP (2009) 

Chasing Hamburg LP (2009)

The Summer Of George 7" (2009)

The Redder, The Better CDep (2006)

Demo (2005)

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Opportunist

The Opportunist were a band from Massachusetts who started out in 07 playing a heavier style of screamo.  I got the chance to see one of their first shows and snagged their first demo, which I don't think a lot people have.  If you download it you'll hear that heavier screamo sound.  Shortly after their first demo, they got a another singer and changed to a heavier hardcore sound.  Below you can listen to their second demo from their myspace page which has tracks along the lines of that.  Sometime after the second demo they seemed to slip through the cracks and disappear.  Too bad.

- Members also Play(ed) In:  Ape Up!Nepenthe & Our Legs Have Become Roots

Demo CD-R (2007)
Demo II (2008)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teenage Cool Kids

Fun, fun, fun in the Texas sun. Teenage Cool Kids are an indie-pop mess that can put a smile on anyone's face if you allow it to happen. These guys do everything to please an indie-lover, while adding a 90's grunge rock aspect to their sound. It might take a few listens to really get into TCK, because their stuff isn't as easy to swallow as other indie acts sometimes. But their not afraid to try different things, which is something any music-lover can respect. Their latest LP, Denton After Sunset is their darkest and most diverse release, but the cool kids needed to grow up. Denton is an amazing record. Everything about it establishes TCK as a group who aren't weary of going in strange directions. I'm pretty sure below is everything they've done. Download and jam with the cool kids!!! 

* The Speaking In Tongues 7" only has one track on it since the song, Speaking In Tongues is on the Foreign Lands LP.

For fans of:  Dinosaur Jr., RVIVR, & Algernon Cadwallader  

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sex Vid

Sex Vid as a gritty, noisy, thrashy and punishing hardcore punk act from Washington State.  Some-what lo-fi punk jams cranked out at ludicrous speeds that shred up and down the frets with blaring and violent guitar and bass riffs.  Loud and spastic drums and fuzzy bass sound amazing with the fierce guitars and unrelentingly vicious vocals.  These obnoxious punks definitely thrash it up right!  Sex Vid is seriously amazing.  They are a dirty, feedback-filled masterpiece.  Below is everything I could gather up.  Enjoy the excellence.  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Cülo, Vile Gash, Raw Nerve & Suburbanite 

Communal Living LP (2008)

Nests 7" (2008)

Voyeur 7" (2008)

Tania 7" (2007)

Maggot Minded Comp. Cassette (2007)
(Sex Vid Tracks Only)

Drugging 7" (2005)

Demo Cassette