Saturday, March 23, 2013


Cali's Sordo is a killer powerviolence trio that most definitely takes it back to the roots with a harsh and noisy outcome.  Here's some super-distorted, bass-driven grind punk madness loaded with pulverizing drums and ferocious vocals.  These guys won't leave you disappointed.  Everything I could hunt down is posted below, please let me know if I'm missing anything, their discography is overwhelming!  Dig.

Girl cover art
Sordo & Crowhurst - Girl : A Collaboration (2013)

Tactical Precision Violence 7" (2012)

Collection CD (2008-2012)

California X

Memorable riffs, vocals that feel like they were sung in the 90's, and the perfect amount of sludge wedged in between it all. California X deserve all the exposure they're getting because their jams are super fun, super progressive, and just plain powerful. Their debut Sucker/Mummy 7"tracks are also on the LP so snag it now.      

For fans of: TorcheKicking Spit, & Milk Music


Divisions was an awesome punk band from Florida. It seems everything good comes from Florida. Divisions played a mix of straight up punk with thrash elements and a heavy black metal influence. I think that's what made them a step above the rest. They take all my favorite things and do it right. Members went on to form Church Whip, Slavescene, Horrid Cross and Cult Ritual to name a few.  Anyways below is Corpse Without Soul's amazing release of a 2x cassette called "A Violent End" which compiles pretty much their entire discography aside from some live material.  If you don't have this already snag it below, be amazed, and DIG!

A Violent End 2x Cassette (2011)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Won't Belong

Sometime in 2011 a few punks from a couple well known MA bands got together and recorded one of the best demos to date. Punk superstars, Won't Belong speed through 5 tracks of fury that's filled with old school punk goodness. I've been waiting for them to spit out something else, but it seems like it was just a one time thing. Oh well. At least we got this. 

For fans of: CREEMNatural Law, & Suburbanite

Members are/were also in: RelicsDeath EvocationVelozSKVLTWastelandMean Man's DreamOrchid, & Failures

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Eskalators

This group of musicians based out of Brooklyn, NY play a fun mix of pop and ska that will make you want to dance awkwardly while singing along to their tunes. The Eskalators are a 13-piece band, but have been known to play with as many as 18 people live. Uncommon instruments such as a glockenspiel, saw, djembe, rainstick, and pump organ appear in their songs along with more common sounds like guitar, drum, and bass. Even though their last release was Cats and Dogs, Living Together in 2009, The Eskalators are still rocking. Sometimes even in a New York subway. The odd performance got them some spotlight in a few of the local newspapers, but it will never top their first show which was a played on an escalator in the mall of America. The Eskalators are super fun and weird. Now download the links below and have a good time.      

 For fans of: Modest Mouse, Sublime, & Bob Marley

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Boston's Scapegoat was completely insane!  These dudes constructed manic, blistering hardcore that's fast-as-hell and equally brutal.  Their sound reminds me of classic powerviolence with a new twist of noisy, feedback drenched hardcore. This band is loaded with rumbling bass leads, blazing riffs, exhausting drum blasts and fierce vocals straight from the gut.   This stuff is crushing and doesn't waste any time getting to the point.  Snag everything below.  Dig.

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Boston Strangler, Peacebreakers & Koward

Brutal Supremacy 2x7" (2011)

Self Titled LP (2011)

Tour Cassette (2010)

Self Titled 7" (2006)

Mindrot Demo Cassette (2005)

Violent Future

RE-POST!  This is Violent Future, a snotty punk band from Toronto in the vein of great 80's punk. The riffs are so straight ahead, the drums are so simple, and the vocals are perfect for it and tie it all together. Give this a shot and if you are digging smack yourself in the face and listen again!  Their new 7" rips!  Snag and Dig!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Photo of SayyadinaSayyadina
Holy fucking grindcore!  Sweden's Sayyadina really blew my mind once hearing the band's blistering output on their split EP with Bruce Banner.  Holy Shit!  Here's some crushing, unrelenting madness that never let's up.  This is a tight-as-hell grind trio that blasts to to extreme and isn't afraid to get crusty.  I can't get enough of this band lately.  Sadly, I can't find everything this punk-as-fuck-blast-fest put out, but snag the mammoth releases I could find below and grind your brain into shit for a good reason.

Mourning The Unknown LP (2007)

Fear Gave Us Wings LP (2004)

Sayyadina / Bruce Banner Split 7" (2001)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Picked Clean

Picked Clean is an unstoppable force of beatdown hardcore from Indianapolis, IN.  In the vein of classic Boston hardcore, these guys rip through utterly pissed off tracks that're shoved right in your face.  Throaty, aggressive vocals are spit over squealing guitars, constant drums and tons of feedback.  This is some dirty, classic sounding hardcore that's too good for words.  Snag everything I could find below.  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Major Damage, Creem, Natural Law & SSD

Self Titled 7" (2011)

Life Sucks Hardcore Rules 7" (2010)

Self Titled Cassette (2010)

Demo Cassette (2009)

Chalk Talk

Picture of Chalk Talk
Chalk Talk is an incredibly fun surf-punk/indie band from Massachusetts that's an absolute blast.  Perfect melodies pour over grungy-yet-twinkling guitars and upbeat grooves that make you wish it was summer already.  This is the soundtrack for a damn good time so snag their jams, get smiling and be happy.  These guys kick ass!  Snag everything below and dig your faces off.  Dig!

Bad Influences cover art
Bad Influences 12" EP (2012)

BVVVVVVV cover art
Chalk Talk / Sirs Split 7" (2010)

The Food Chain cover art
The Food Chain 7" (2010)

Penny On Heads cover art
Black Churches Split Cassette (2010)
(Chalk Talk Tracks Only)

Stolen Bikes Ride Faster

This three-piece Italian assault play a mixture pop-punk and alternative rock that has a nice 90's feel to it. Stolen Bikes Ride Faster have a familiar sound which comes off as nostalgic for me at times. Download their EP below, and if anyone has their split with New Bruises hook it up!

Missing releases: Split 7" with New Bruises

For fans of: Ambry, NOFX, & Lagwagon 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Poopy Butts

The Poopy Butts were a blistering powerviolence/grindcore hybrid from Agawam, Massachusetts that wrote songs about the things they loved : skateboarding, fruit snacks, video games, zombies and poop in all of it's forms.  They rip through a blazing mix of thrash riffs, blast beats, growls, grunts and shrieks with endless amounts of energy.  These guys shred fucking hard!  If you're craving some grinding punk with attitude and humor, don't hesitate, snag their jams below.  Dig.

10,000 Wipes (2008)

Songs To Clog Your Toilet To (2006)

Mock Duck

Mock Duck consists of two buddies, both named Clay, who met in Japan and started writing some awesome fuzzed-out punk rock.  The guitarist/vocalist lives in L.A. and the drummer lives in Japan but throughout the years, these guys got together whenever they were in the same city to tighten up their songs and play shows.  Their sound is highly original and experimental overall with elements of drone, grunge, indie, and garage punk.  Snag their two insanely refreshing EP's below and DIG!!!

Inner Infinities cover art
Inner Infinities EP (2013)

Altars of Radness E.P. cover art
Altars Of Radness EP (2011)