Saturday, October 1, 2011


Acursed is a crusty, feedback-drenched hardcore punk band from Sweden.  These dudes will hit you so hard!  It's an all-out attack on your senses with a dark, dirty, non-stop d-beat frenzy of complete awesomeness!  The band formed in the mid 90's and has destroyed shows until the late 2000's.  Their latest LP released in '08 on Prank Records rips so goddamn hard, it's ridiculous.  I believe the only release I 'm missing is a single track called "World Of Dismal" that was featured on the Be Quick Or Be Dead Comp. 7" released in '01.  Oh well.  Dabble on these crusty gems and Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Totalitar, Doom & Discharge

Tunneln I Ljusets Slut LP (2008)

Livet Ar Den Längsta Vägen Till Helvetet LP (2003)

Fallout Split LP (2002)
(Acursed Tracks Only)

Victims Split 7" (1999)
(Acursed Tracks Only)

A Fascist State... In Disguise CDep (1998)

Bonds Of Trust Split 7" (1998)
(Acursed Tracks Only)

Last Warning Split 7" (1997)
(Acursed Tracks Only)

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